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Ayvalık is a charming town located on the Aegean Sea coast of Balıkesir, known for its stone houses, green forests, and blue flag beach areas. Throughout its history, Ayvalık has been home to many civilizations and was known as Kidonia in ancient times. The town is connected to 22 islands, with Cunda being the largest and most well-known due to its rich history and cozy atmosphere. 

One of the most enjoyable things to do during a visit to Ayvalık is exploring the surrounding islands. By renting a boat, you can experience the beauty of these islands and create unforgettable memories. Let's take a closer look at the options for Ayvalık boat rental and what you can expect during your trip.

Boat rentals are available in Ayvalık throughout the year, although the season is most active starting in June when the weather is warm enough to allow for swimming in the bay areas during boat trips.

There are several options for boat rentals in Ayvalık, including hourly, daily, and overnight tours. 

Daily boat rental hours in Ayvalık are typically flexible and can be arranged based on your preferences. However, private boat tours are usually scheduled between 10:30 and 18:00. In the evenings, moonlight tours between 19:00 and 24:00 are also available. In addition to hourly and daily tours, there are also options for longer Ayvalık Blue Cruise tours on motor yachts and gulets, which can be explored on our website.

During a boat rental in Ayvalık, the boats are typically anchored at the harbor in the center of town or along the promenade on Cunda Island. On special occasions, it may also be possible for passengers to be picked up from the piers of certain hotels.

When you rent a boat in Ayvalık, you can work with the captain to plan a route that suits your interests. On day tours, the boats and yachts in Ayvalık typically depart from the port, visit various islands and bays, have lunch on the boat, offer free sightseeing on Cunda Island, and return to the port in Ayvalık. Some of the bays and islands you may have the opportunity to see during your tour include: 

  • Incirli Bay
  • Aquarium Bay (Black Island)
  • Pinar Island
  • Ortunç Bay
  • Cunda Island

If you rent a boat privately for a family or group of friends, you have the option to purchase your own food for the boat dinner or have the meals included in the rental and let the captain handle the menu. Lunch on the boats typically includes grilled fish or chicken, pasta salad, soft drinks, and seasonal fruits. While you're in Ayvalık, be sure to try Ayvalık Toast, a local specialty. It's a must-try! :)

The cost of boat rentals in Ayvalık varies based on factors such as the size of the boat, the capacity for passengers, the menu options, and the number of bays and islands visited, including Cunda Island.

To book a boat rental or tour in Ayvalık, you can either visit www.tekneveyat.com or call 0 850 771 02 71.

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