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It is easy to make boat reservations for diving tours, diving courses, and other underwater sports activities on Tekne ve Yat. You can instantly reach dozens of boat owners and professional diving instructors serving in Turkey's most popular diving spots, and you can complete your reservation in just a few minutes by getting an offer. Get ready for the most colorful sights of marine life, exotic fish, shipwrecks, and a fascinating adventure!

There are world-famous locations for diving tours and diving training in Turkey. Gallipoli is the witness of the First World War and has many ship ruins. Bodrum's caves, calm coves, and interesting rock formations, Kaş's reefs, beaches, and more are must-see diving spots.

Diving tour prices vary depending on the season, boat characteristics, and activities to be carried out within the scope of the tour. In addition, there may be location-based price changes. Since demand will be high in a popular diving spot like Kaş, you may need to make an early reservation to find affordable diving tours.

Some diving tours are combined with diving training. For those who have no diving experience before, training is given on land and at sea, and then amateur dives are carried out at points suitable for their level. The price of this concept also varies depending on the diving certificate to be obtained and the time spent underwater.

If you want to participate in a diving tour in Turkey's most beautiful diving spots and you have not yet received training on this subject, we recommend you turn to certified tour programs.

Do you want to dive to explore the underwater universe and discover the wonders hidden in the depths? Then your first step should be to take PADI Open Water diving training. The world's best-known certification, this course is ideal for diving beginners. No previous diving experience is required to attend the training. Anyone over the age of 10, has good swimming skills, and is in good physical health can participate in this training. With this certificate, which is valid all over the world, dives can be made up to a depth of 18 meters.

Other certifications given by PADI are the PADI Advanced Level Open Water Diver license and the Master Diver license. They are recommended for those who fall in love with the underwater world and want to advance their level or do professional diving after getting the beginner's certificate. Divers who have obtained these certificates can dive to 30 meters and more.

Turkey has the most preferred diving routes in the world with its 8 thousand kilometers of coastline, warm Mediterranean climate, underwater riches, and historical shipwrecks. Diving attracts the most attention from domestic and foreign tourists who come for summer vacation. The interest is increasing thanks to the diving centers in the resorts and the diving tours organized by the local boat operators. There are beautiful spots where diving can be done for 7 months in Turkey. Especially the diving spots in Muğla and Antalya have sea temperatures ranging from 18ºC to 26ºC between May and November. Let's take a look at these great dive routes together.


The history of the Gallipoli peninsula goes back to Ancient Greek and Roman times. But what makes the area attractive for diving tours is the shipwrecks that sank during the First World War. It is known that over 200 shipwrecks have been discovered so far. Some wrecks are at unsuitable distances for diving, while others can be visited by diving tours. In the area, you can dive into sunken British battleships, landing craft, trawlers, and many different types of navy vehicles.


Bodrum's reputation as a tourism center is indisputable. The things that help the region, which welcomes millions of visitors every year, gain this reputation are its nature, history, culture, and, of course, its magnificent underwater riches. Bodrum's topography makes it possible to dive into caves and reefs, unlike other diving spots. Differences such as ancient amphorae, barracuda, and grouper species also make this an ideal spot for diving. You may encounter a new beauty of underwater life every time you pass through the tunnels and passages under the sea.


Marmaris is a magnificent port city that exhibits all the features of the Mediterranean coastline. The famous marina is a frequent destination for hundreds of thousands of foreign tourists every year. It is one of the pearls of Turkey with its historical city center, vibrant nightlife, and nature. The turquoise sea has made it a significant center for diving tours. In Marmaris, the underwater visibility is high. The pleasure of diving in pristine coves and calm waters is something else. Whether diving from the shore or from a boat, underwater enthusiasts can encounter a variety of surprises, from ancient amphorae to eels, colorful sponges to moray eels.


Fethiye's forests are covered with pine trees, calm and untouched coves, towns where time has frozen, and ancient ruins are definitely worth seeing. In addition to the must-see places such as Ölüdeniz, Hisarönü, and Ovacık, it also has diving spots where amateur divers can embark on an adventure.

You can embark on the undisputed best underwater adventures of Turkey in Fethiye. Discover fascinating hidden treasures, from shallow and calm reefs to caves, tunnels, passages, and corals. There is also the possibility of encountering these unique creatures, as the area is also a breeding ground for sea turtles.


Shown as Turkey's best diving spot, Kaş is getting more and more attention from foreign tourists. You can witness reefs, shipwrecks, and vibrant underwater life on diving tours to the archipelago in Kaş. It is truly a paradise with at least 30 dive sites very close to the port of Kas. The volcanic rock formations in Kaş also lead to breathtaking views under the sea. We strongly recommend that you take a diving tour in Kaş, which offers options for both amateur and professional dives.


There are popular diving spots in Antalya, especially in Side and Kemer. Advanced divers flock here every year to explore sunken ships at depths of 20 to 30 meters. There are not only shipwrecks, but also reefs, ancient ruins, caves, and natural rock formations are worth seeing.

Tekne and Yat bring together Turkey's leading diving boats and diving instructors on a single platform and offers that appeal to all levels, from amateur divers who are curious about underwater to professional divers. It makes it easy to embark on an unforgettable adventure with luxury boats and high-quality standards on popular diving routes such as Fethiye, Marmaris, Kaş, Bodrum. It guarantees a hassle-free experience thanks to its 24/7 accessible customer service line.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Especially in the Aegean-Mediterranean intersection region of Turkey, called the Turquoise Coast, there are caves, reefs, shipwrecks, colorful underwater life such as stingrays, eels, and turtles. This region is preferred for diving tourism from all over the world.
To get a scuba diving certificate, you must successfully pass certain training. The prices of these training may vary according to the region. Beginner diving training can be priced with or without course materials.
Courses for PADI Open Water Diver certification last 3 days. During the course, theoretical lessons, diving training, and sea dives are given.
Scuba diving training is as easy as it is fun. You will see that training is not important at all, besides the pleasure of the unique underwater landscapes.
Bodrum, Ayvalık, Kaş and Marmaris are the most famous diving spots in Turkey. However, due to the density of sunken ships in Çanakkale and its surroundings, diving tourism is developing.
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