Fishing Charters

Fishing tours are organised according to a predetermined route, target species and time period. These tours provide amateur and professional fishing enthusiasts with all the opportunities to have a wonderful day at sea and to fish in the style they want. Fishing from boat tours are divided into two different categories.

Fishing Trips: These are trips that are open to everyone with boats of a certain capacity. This type of fishing tours are held regularly between certain hours in the areas planned by the captain. You can join daily fishing tours as a single person and you can make great friendships with other anglers you will meet on the boat.

Private Fishing Charters: These are private fishing tours organized for small groups or a single person. These tours are ideal for small groups of friends who set their own date and time to catch a target fish.  Private fishing charters are mostly preferred for deep sea species that can be caught by jigging method, or trolling for game fish such as tuna, barracuda, sea bream, etc., which require unique weather conditions in certain seasons.

Daily fishing tours are usually between 06:00-08:00 and 16:00-19:00. These hours may vary by +/- 1 hour depending on the weather conditions.

For private tours, the start and return times are determined by the joint decision of the guests who booked the tour and the captain of the boat.

All the boats used for fishing charters have enough chairs, cushioned seating areas and toilets for guests.

Food and beverage services are included in the ticket price depending on the conditions of the boat. Many fishing tours offer hot drinks throughout the day. Meal service is also available on private tours.

There are security measures set for the boats and all guests must take into account the information and warnings given by the captain and crew throughout the tour.

Fishing tours are organized all over Turkey's coasts throughout the year for those who love fishing or want to try this type of activity for the first time. Some destinations are more popular than others because they have more productive fishing grounds and are convenient for transportation. Some of these destinations are;

Ayvalık, Foça, Çeşme, Seferihisar, Kuşadası, Didim, Bodrum on the Aegean coast, Fethiye, Kemer, Antalya, Alanya, Taşucu, Mersin, Adana Karataş and İskenderun in the Mediterranean. In Marmara, especially in Istanbul and in the Black Sea, Sinop and Giresun.

Antalya Fishing Tours
Fishing tours organized in the old port of Antalya, Alanya, Kemer and Adrasan are very popular, especially for the species that can be caught in deep waters by jigging and trolling methods.

Çeşme Fishing Tours
We recommend that you reserve your place early in the daily fishing charters and private fishing trips organized to the bays around Çeşme, which has the most important sea bream migration routes and fishing areas of the Aegean.

Mersin Fishing Tours
With the fishing charters in Anamur, Boğsak, Taşucu, Kızkalesi and Mersin in this region, you can catch many fish species living in the Mediterranean in all seasons of the year, and you can have an unforgettable fishing experience with your friends or family.

Bodrum Fishing Tours
Bodrum, which has been one of the most popular destinations in recent years, especially in deep water fishing, besides its entertainment life, hosts special fishing tours and charters where you can catch large fish species. Early reservation is required for tours with experienced captains for offshore game fishing.

Frequently Asked Questions

The species that can be caught in fishing trips vary from region to region. Some of the fish types that are frequently caught during the trips are as follows; Gilt-head bream, Two-banded sea bream, snapper, sea bass in Aegean fishing tours. Dentex, fangri, tuna, grouper in Kusadasi, Bodrum, Fethiye region. Amberjack, dentex, Atlantic mackerel, dusky grouper in Antalya region. Amberjack, grouper, meagre, gilt-head bream in Mersin region fishing charters.
The boats that carry out fishing tours show different characteristics. In some of them, all kinds of fishing equipment and baits that you can use during fishing are available, while in others, all the gear and baits are brought by the tour participants. Please ask about the details before booking your trip. Sunglasses, sunscreen, hat, raincoat according to the weather conditions. Snacks, water and hot/cold beverages of your choice (if meal is not included). If you have any medications that you have to use due to your health problems, be sure to take them with you.
It is not possible to give an exact figure for fishing tour prices. The prices of the tours are determined by taking into account some factors such as tour hours, characteristics of the boat, additional services offered, number of people, location and transportation, season preference, fishing method and target species.
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