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A Long Weekend in Fethiye: Tips, Addresses and Turquoise Beaches

One of the most popular tourist destinations in Mugla is Fethiye. Local and international tourists visit the stunning Fethiye shores and have a vacation like no other, coming each year. Fethiye is one of Turkey's most popular yacht tourism locations and is home to the internationally renowned Oludeniz. Would you like to experience various viewpoints from comfy and opulent boats that depart from 5-star hotels in well-known vacation destinations?

You can enjoy all the benefits of a vacation on a yacht rental in Fethiye, including the freedom to travel wherever and whenever you want by sea.

When To Go?

We advise you to go in June, September or October. These are the best months to explore the Turkish coasts without melting under the very high temperatures (40°C sometimes 45°C in August). Apart from the heat to be avoided in July/August, you should also avoid the big waves of tourists to be avoided during the summer.

To kill two birds with one stone, you can go to the paragliding festival that takes place in Fethiye the second week of October every year. This can be an opportunity for you to take a ride and admire the professional flyers - and maybe take off yourself?

Where To Stay?

When you spend a few days in Fethiye, you have the choice of where to stay. Here are some hotels in Oludeniz, special mention to the TONOZ hotel, very well located and well maintained, to the S3 Hotels Orange, a very charming little hotel, and to Akdeniz Beach with its small prices and nice services. Ölüdeniz is a good alternative for those who want to be close to beautiful beaches and quiet.

If you want to be close to the city center, nightlife and shopping, prefer to rent on the Fethiye Centre side. Here are the hotels in Fethiye Centre. Special mention to Pelin Hotel and Ten Apart for small budgets, then Yacht Classic Hotel and Alesta for more comfortable budgets. They have been tested and approved by my family and friends so go there with your eyes closed. A small note for the Unique hotel, which bears its name well.

You also have the choice of camping on beaches such as Butterfly Valley or Kabak or staying in a romantic bungalow for a honeymoon for example.

For a total change of scenery, opt for camping. You can sleep under the stars at Deep Ocean Camping or Mandala Camp. If you're more of an improviser, you'll have plenty to find once you get there...

Many Beaches:

It is well known that Fethiye is a bit like the beach paradise in Turkey. You have something for every taste but above all, of every color. Depending on the beach you go to, you will have a paying beach , sandy, pebbled, turquoise, with algae or not. But in general, you will find a clean, warm and quality Mediterranean sea in front of you. To access the beaches, it is best to rent a car but you can also access them by dolmus from the city center, especially for Gemiler, Oludeniz or Kabak. So, which beaches in Fethiye are worth a look? Answer :

Kelebekler Vadisi - {The Valley of the Butterflies} A real little isolated paradise with the possibility of a walk in nature. You can get there with a boat from Oludeniz. Not many butterflies though. Pleasant possibility to camp there, if you are fond of sleeping under the stars, don't miss it.

Belcekiz Plage - Large pebble beach with turquoise water, very well frequented, where equipment is charged but a small part of the beach will allow you to install your own equipment if you have one.

Oludeniz Plage - Beautiful sandy beach that you see on postcards. The water is transparent!

Kidrak Plage - Small but beautiful and very clean beach.

Kabak Bay - Difficult beach to reach but very nice and clean. Possibility to camp here.

Inlice Plage - Modest but clean and very nice beach.

Gemile Plage - Isolated, small but clean. Difficult to access.

Daily Tours in Fethiye

With our luxurious and comfortable motor yacht, you may go on an excursion to see and explore the bays and 12 Islands in Fethiye. In addition, you can hire it on a daily basis for privacy. A private boat trip with your family or friends can be arranged by Tekneveyat just for you. The most convenient method of learning about Fethiye's enigmatic bays...

Fethiye Luxury Motoryacht For Private Yacht Charter

VIP Luxury Motor Yacht for Rent in Fethiye . For those visitors who do not wish to forgo comfort, we offer a super-luxury motor yacht. A warm sun that never sets and limitless expanses of pure blue sea... To escape the chilly, dreary winter, reserve a magnificent Blue Cruise in Fethiye right away! With one of the most unique and well-equipped motor yachts of Fethiye and Göcek Bays, you can smoothly complete your ideal Blue Voyage.

Villages And Places You Should Not Miss

The village of Kayakoy is listed among the 20 ancient villages to visit in Turkey. If you avoid the hot hours, you will spend a pleasant moment walking around this small free open air museum and discover the houses and churches in ruins inhabited by the Greeks until 1922. Quite impressive...

The Saklikent caves are also to be seen, according to me. It is a canyon 300 meters deep and 18 kms long. You will find a long path with many water springs and fountains, but also some pleasantly cool waterfalls. Don't forget your water shoes and bathing suits. The water is icy but it feels good in the heat, believe us!

Fethiye Yacht Charter Popular Destinations

As an alternative activity, you can visit the historical ruins at historic cities like Yakakoy (Tlos), Xanthos, and Letoon in the area. You can swim in the clear waters, fish, and participate in a variety of water sports there.

To see the interesting blue and green tones, you might want to think about renting a yacht in Fethiye. Due to its physical location, the area has a craggy shoreline, and this has influenced the creation of uncharted bays.

The following locations contribute to the worldwide popularity of Fethiye yacht tourism: Kizilada, Oludeniz, Kelebekler Valley, Bozyigit Cape, Soguk Su Bay, Cleopatra Beach, Fethiye Ancient City, Katranci Bay, Kabak Bay, Kalemya Bay... With your own luxury yacht, you can go comfortably to all of these places.

Blue Cruise in Greek Islands

Would you like to visit one of the distinctive Greek Island bays? A 26-meter-long boat with a 6.7-meter breadth is owned by Tekneveyat. Tekneveyat can comfortably accommodate 16 passengers in 3 double, 2 triple, and 2 twin cabins. Each cottage has a private bathroom and a toilet.

The yacht can also accommodate your needs with a variety of features, including an LCD TV, music system, well-equipped bar, refrigerator, and deep freezer.

There are areas on Tekneveyat where you may relax in the front and back while tanning.

Before leaving, you can bring food and beverages to the boat. Tekneveyat can provide you with food recommendations and will direct you toward the essential ingredients. On our yacht, neither alcoholic nor non-alcoholic beverages are sold.

You can contact Tekneyat for your questions and reservations.

Where To Eat?

In Turkey, you know you'll eat well, but on the west coast of Turkey, you should know that you'll eat even better! The cuisine of the Mediterranean coast is known for its good fish dishes, shellfish, mezes and olive oil dishes.

Hilmi Restaurant, an excellent fish restaurant.

Kebap Time Restaurant, the best kebab in the area.

Mozaik Bahce, to eat large portions of kebab.

Fethiye Balik Pazari, a great place to eat fish all you want!

Where To Go Dancing?

It is very well known in Fethiye, the nice bars where you can have a drink and go dancing are in Hisaronu, on the street of bars, called "Barlar Sokagi". You will be spoilt for choice. If you want a more local atmosphere, we advise you to stay in the bars of Fethiye Center.


  • Pass a day on the side of Kas town, especially the very small Kucuk Cakil (Small Pebble Beach) is exceptional. Derya Beach, having its own bar & restaurant is integrated into it. It's best to make reservations as space is limited.
  • Don't miss a trip to Dalyan. Fethiye and Oludeniz tour agencies all offer tours to the side of Iztuzu Beach which I 100% recommend! You will see turtles and a dreamy landscape there.
  • Mingle with the Turkish jet set at Gocek, a beautiful beach between Dalaman and Fethiye, frequented by Turkish stars wanting to rest in peace. We recommend the Gocek Lime Beach Club.

Fethiye Deep Sea Fishing Tours

Take advantage of deep sea fishing cruises in Fethiye to catch large fish. Possibility of catching large fish with our exclusive tours for four persons

Trip Hours: 8:00–15:00

The boat is equipped with all the essential lures and fishing gear. You'll simply take in the day. You can catch fish species like snapper, amberjack, grouper, dentex, and tuna. Details for Fishing Charters.


  • Some of the beaches are pebbled, so you need to bring sea shoes if you don't want to end up with bloody feet.
  • The locals are very nice, they will be happy to help you if you are lost.
  • Hitchhiking is not frowned upon, on the contrary, especially in the heights, feel free to give a thumbs up.
  • Renting a car is more economical if you stay more than 4/5 days as some beaches are difficult to access.
  • The beach parties are phenomenal and start early (5/18pm)!

Fethiye Yacht Charter Types

If you rent a boat in Fethiye, you can enjoy an amazing vacation. To best suit your comfort and needs, there are a few things you should decide before renting a yacht. If you follow these tips when making your reservation, the entire procedure will go smoothly for you.

How many days have you planned for the holiday?

How many people do you have?

Have you determined your travel route?

Do you want to receive food and cleaning services during your trip?

Would you like to go on a blue cruise with a luxury and fast yacht or an adventurous holiday with a sailboat?

You can reserve a Fethiye yacht charter once you've determined the answers to all of these queries. Or you can seek guidance for your journey by getting in touch with our qualified experts.

While on a boat vacation in Fethiye, you can rent one of three distinct kinds of boats.


The ability to travel to multiple locations quickly is a fiber sailboat's major benefit. So, fiber sails are primarily the choice of boats for those who are free-spirited. Within a short period of time in the area you sail, you can anchor at a variety of islands and cove

Fiber Boats

Fiber boats are typically mass produced from lightweight materials. For both local and international tourists who want to use a yacht charter service, Fethiye is an economical boat type. Additionally, it can withstand powerful waves. You can travel reliably and comfortably even in poor weather.

Luxury Motor Yachts

Their interior volumes are quite vast, and their designs are created using the highest caliber materials. The comfort of the most opulent hotels is included into the design of its cabins. You can go considerably more quickly than other boats because to its fast-running motors. With the ultra-luxury motor yacht charter service in Fethiye, you can have the vacation of your dreams, especially if you want comfort and speed for a blue cruise adventure.

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