Boat Hire in Marmaris

You can add exciting memories to your holiday by experiencing a sea adventure for you and your loved ones with our Marmaris boat rental service. You can feel the incredible nature and sights of Marmaris by renting boats and yachts for a day, for a few days, or for a week. Whether you want to sail to the endless blue of the sea with your family or friends with a professional captain and crew, do not decide without taking a look at our offers.

Boat and yacht charter is the best and fun way to discover the hidden treasures of Marmaris. The beauties of this distinguished district, which millions of local and foreign tourists flock to every year, are innumerable. Since it is located at the intersection of the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, you will have the opportunity to observe the characteristics of both regions. With daily tours, you will visit the most popular bays, enjoy swimming and enjoy the sun, and experience the excitement of being on the road and discovering unknown bays with a weekly or several-day gulet cruise.

It has never been easy to charter a yacht in Marmaris. While searching for a rental boat in Tekneveyat, the process proceeds quickly after determining the date, travel time, and the number of people. Determine the type of boat, whether you want it with or without a crew, what kind of services you want (with or without meals, etc.), and complete your charter with a secure reservation.

Two different boat rental services are commonly provided in Marmaris. One of them is daily boat tours, and the other is a blue cruise. Daily tours are divided into private tours and crowded boat tours. On daily tours, you can visit the bays of Marmaris with small boats for a maximum of 10 people. You can choose the options with or without meals, and if you want, you can bring your food with you and request it to be served. The other day's tour is crowded boat tours. All services of these boat tours are standard. Music, various activities, and the bays to be visited along the route are obvious. The service includes lunch and one beverage.

The blue cruises or gulet cruises will be a better choice for those who want to enjoy Marmaris. Blue cruise or gulet cruise is done by gulet or motor yacht. Private blue cruises are generally preferred weekly or 3-4 day basis. Gulets are ideal for those who prefer a slower and calmer journey, motor yachts are ideal for those who want to go to their destination as soon as possible and enjoy the sea.

Passengers can provide their own needs on the blue voyage, or they can also request shopping. In all-inclusive packages, it is possible to focus only on pleasure without the hassle of shopping.

There are so many options to see the natural wonders in Marmaris and have an unforgettable yacht holiday by enjoying the sun, sea, and entertainment to the fullest! Memorable, breathtakingly clear coves, mysterious caves, pristine islands, and much more. We have reviewed some of the most popular routes for you.

Paradise Island

It is actually a peninsula but known as an island. Located right at the entrance of Marmaris Bay, the area is one of the favorite spots for daily boat tours and private yachts. It is much more exciting to experience Paradise Island from the sea.

The whole island is covered with magnificent forests. You will be amazed by the fascinating harmony of green and blue, and you will not want to leave here.

Phosphorous Cave

Phosphorus Cave is one of the places frequented by daily boat tours and private yachts. The cave is called "phosphorous" because the turquoise waters create magnificent reflections inside. The games of light are truly exquisite. It is also called Wish Cave.

Aquarium Cove

It is impossible to get enough of the crystal clear and flat sea of ​​Aquarium Bay. The white formations resembling travertines give the bay a truly unique look.

Kumlubuk Bay

Kumlubuk, which is 26 km away from the center of Marmaris, is among the places we recommend you to explore from the sea. When you enter the bay, you will encounter a magnificent beach lying at the foot of high and green mountains. It is one of the best spots to take a break with not too many businesses and its calmness.

Amos Bay

It is a very cute and hidden cove between Kumlubuk and Turunc. It has a very calm and quiet beach. It is also one of the stops for boat tours. If you wish, you can also visit the nearby Amos Ancient City. But let's say there isn't much remaining.

Gebekse Bay

Gebekse Bay, which has an untouched nature since there is no transportation by road, is home to an old church known as the Pregnant Church among the locals. Rumor has it that this church was built for women who could not get pregnant in ancient times. The pristine lands of the sheep are definitely worth seeing.

We recommend those who will get Marmaris boat and yacht charter services act within the framework of certain rules and security measures. Compliance with these rules is essential, whether with or without a captain, crew, or crew.

  • If you have chartered a boat with a captain, you should follow your captain's suggestions and warnings.
  • Running in a boat can be dangerous. That's why it's cruicial to move slowly and as firmly as possible. Otherwise, you may slip and cause injury.
  • Ladders and hatches are opening to different compartments in the boat. Be careful not to step on or fall on them.
  • When you go down to swim or row a small canoe, stay away from other boats, even if they are moored.
  • Watch out for other group members and make sure everyone is safe at all times.

Why do we want to beautify our vacation by renting a boat or yacht? Because we know that nothing has the power to renew and relax us like nature. Therefore, we should not forget that we have a responsibility to protect nature and to ensure that the next ones enjoy the same pleasure. To transfer the seas, beaches, and all other natural beauties to future generations, we must take our garbage home, use environmentally friendly sunscreen and avoid disposable plastics during the boat tour or blue cruise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can go on a blue cruise by renting a yacht or boat, visit the bays in a single region, organize events such as special days, invitations, honeymoon holidays.
Boat and private yacht charter periods may vary depending on the concept of rental service and the type of boat. For blue cruises usually starts from 3-4 day charters. For daily tours, the duration may vary according to the coves to be visited.
The person limit changes according to the capacities of the boats and yachts. Standard gulets are suitable for 6-8 people, while large motor yachts can go up to 12-14 people.
Factors such as the type of boat you want to rent, the number of people, the scope of service, how many days you will rent are reflected in the prices. Since there are different options such as all-inclusive, self-catering, we recommend you to get detailed information at the time of booking.
You may have to pay an additional fee when you request services other than those specified in the advertisement details. Ask the boat owner for detailed information to avoid any surprises.
Babies and children are also counted as one person, so payment has to be made.
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