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7 Amazing Things to Do in Kas in a Week

Kas is one of the most romantic Mediterranean towns in Turkey. The resort of Kas is located on the very seashore and is surrounded on three sides by high mountains and pine forests, which makes it seem like a very cozy town.

Small houses with tiled roofs painted in white, narrow paved streets wind their way down to the turquoise sea, flowers bloom and cats roam everywhere, the air is full of romance and serenity.

A beautiful week spent in Kaş, on the turquoise coast of Turkey, will be a great experience for you. We have listed 7 Amazing Things to Do in Kas in a week for you.

How to get to Kaş

By plane

To reach Kaş from Istanbul, you can opt to fly. However, be aware that the nearest airport, Dalaman Airport, is about 2 hours and 20 minutes away, west of Fethiye. The one in Antalya, to the east, is even further away, at about 3h15.

Hotels or tourist agencies organize very well shuttles to pick you up in Dalaman, so don't hesitate to ask when you make your reservation. Otherwise, car rental is always possible at the airport.

By road

If you have more time, you can go down by road. This is what we did this time. From Istanbul, it takes 10 hours of driving. It sounds long said like that, but the road is nice, the landscapes varied, and you can cut the trip short by stopping in Eskişehir or Afyon, for example.

Accommodation in Kaş

Overall in Kaş, you can choose your hotels in the heart of the village, if you prefer to go out on foot during the day or in the evening. Otherwise, on the peninsula, if you prefer quietness, with sea views, just incredible!

You can enjoy renting a complete villa via the website Airbnb, on the peninsula. It's a little bit expensive but the value for money is excellent. It can really be worth it if you travel with several families of friends, for example.

If you live on the peninsula, it is preferable to be motorized to even do your shopping in the village. However, it is not essential as dolmuş - shuttles - run regularly (every half hour or hour depending on the season).

Day 1 - Discovery of Kaş and lazing by the water

Kaş is a small fishing village, which has managed to preserve itself from mass tourism. You can therefore stroll through its alleys, have a drink, eat an ice cream or a waffle...

In the center of the village, at the top of a street, don't miss the Lycian tomb (dating from the 5th century BC).

In the harbor, many diving boats and/or cruises offer you excursions. If you walk a little in the direction of the peninsula, you will arrive at an ancient theater, with a view of the sea!

For swimming, there are not really any sandy beaches, but rather creeks and rocks. A very small - but very cute - one is located at the beginning of the peninsula (Halk plajı). Otherwise, hotels usually have a swimming pool and possibly access to the sea via ladder.

Kas – Kekova – Kaleköy Yacht Charter

Due to the high demand, reservations may need to be made a few days in advance if you want to join the boat tour in Kas.

Each of the locations where the tour stops have its own special beauty. Zoo Aquarium Bay is the first stop. You'll believe it lives up to its name after taking a few strokes in the crystal-clear water. Around this bay, there are a lot of caverns as well. You can go near enough to strike a few good postures even if you can't enter by boat.

Kekova, commonly referred to as the sunken city, provides a whole new perspective because of the ruins that have been buried. People who want to get a close-up look at the drowned metropolis may canoe or go diving.

We may say that Kaleköy is where most Kaş boat cruises stop. Around this little, undeveloped community, you may see a lot of boats and yachts moored. Here, you may take a lengthy pause to savor the village's renowned ice cream, see the ancient city, and explore the historic Simena Castle.

Tekneveyat has fantastic offerings for you if you're planning a memorable sea holiday in Antalya: a yacht rental! We promise you will have a special vacation where you may enjoy lovely bays every day and learn about Kas's historical and natural majestic beauty.

Day 2 - The Church of Santa Claus in Demre and the ancient site of Mira

If you are heading to the town of Demre, 45 minutes drive east. You should visit Santa Claus' town!

Saint-Nicholas Church

Indeed, before becoming the magical character who lives today at the North Pole, the real Saint Nicholas lived in Demre (ancient Lycian city of Myra). He was an archbishop there at the beginning of the 4th century. 

Rich orphan, he would have distributed all his fortune to other poor children. He is one of the most venerated saints by the Orthodox Christians, especially in Russia. But also in the North and East of France where he is celebrated with dignity on December 6, the anniversary of his birth.

When you arrive in Demre, go directly to the church of St. Nicholas - Baba Noel Kilisesi. This orthodox church is now a museum. You can admire the numerous murals which are magnificent!

Inside the church, the tomb of the Saint is also visible. You will certainly meet many pilgrims in prayer. However, the bones were moved, in the 11th century, to Bari in Italy.

Before leaving, visit the official store of the Saint-Nicolas Foundation, run by Russians. You can buy, or simply admire, the numerous icons sold to finance the restoration of the church.

Ancient site of Myra

At the exit of the city of Demre, are the remains of the ancient city of Myra. You can see a beautiful theater, and next to it many Lycian tombs dug in the cliff. The latter are carved like small houses, with interesting engravings. Look carefully, you will see characters in relief on the pediment of some of them! The most remarkable one represents the deceased on his deathbed surrounded by his relatives.

Day 3 - Kayaking in Kekova and Crusader Castle

An excursion to Kekova and its sunken ruins is one of the must-do's for anyone coming to Kaş! You will find many agencies in Kaş that offer you tour packages by boat or ... by kayak!

First of all, a word about Kekova. It is in fact a small island, all in length located just in front of the village of Üçağız. Which is a 50-minute drive from Kaş. Therefore, all excursions start from this village. You are driven there by car or shuttle, before boarding a boat or kayak.

It is possible to go to Üçağız village yourself to take a boat that goes around the island of Kekova, but surprisingly, the prices are not more interesting than from Kaş! Also, you won't be able to rent a kayak on the spot, you have to book through the agencies in Kaş!!!

Your kayak excursion in Kekova begins: You cross the bay in the early morning, before the arrival of the boats and enjoy the calm, in this dream setting!

A first stop on a small beach allows you to swim in crystal clear water. Then you kayak along the island of Kekova, observing the ruins that have emerged and ... submerged! Very pleasant. 

You then arrive at the small village of Kaleköy which is almost accessible only by the sea. You leave our kayaks for a little hour for a lunch break. But before filling the belly, we take advantage of a walk in this village of the end of the world.

We suggest you climb at the top of the hill (after the arms, it is important to muscle the calves, question of balance ☺️. The ruins of the Saint John's Castle, a fortress dating from the Crusaders, dominates the lagoon. The view is magnificent!

Lunch, which is included in the price of the tour, is taken in one of the restaurants of Kaleköy.

Then you finish our kayak tour by passing by the famous Lycian tomb. This one is very close to Kaleköy and can even be approached on foot from the pier.

On your way back to Üçağız, take a look at the necropolis overlooking the lagoon. This is a beautiful day, spent between land and sea!

Day 4 - Kalkan and Kaputaş beach

Half an hour's drive west of Kaş is the seaside town of Kalkan. This former fishing village has become a chic resort. Before the holiday season, all restaurants, stores and hotels may be closed. The prices are definitely higher than in Kaş! 

However, on the way back, 10 minutes after leaving Kalkan, we recommend stopping at Kaputaş beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in Turkey! This one is located at the bottom of a cliff and is accessible by stairs. So it is a bit physical. You can otherwise just take some nice pictures from the road, but it would be a shame not to enjoy some of that fine sand!

Day 5 - Scuba diving in Kaş

Kaş is definitely the best place to go scuba diving in Turkey. You will find a large number of clubs in the city center. We advise you to make boat reservations for diving tours, diving courses, and other underwater sports activities on TekneveYat.

During your sea trip, you will have the opportunity to see lionfish, pufferfish, moray eels, ... and sea turtles!

Diving Tours and Courses

At TekneveYat, booking a boat for diving excursions, training sessions, and other underwater sports activities is simple. Kas, one of the most popular diving locations in Turkey, is instantly accessible to dozens of boat owners and certified diving instructors, and by receiving an offer, you can quickly confirm your reservation. Prepare yourself for the most vibrant marine life, rare species, shipwrecks, and an exciting experience!

How Much Does a Diving Tour Cost?

Prices for diving tours vary according to the time of year, the boat's features, and the excursions included in the tour. There can also be regional pricing variations. Making an early reservation may be necessary to get affordable diving trips because demand will be high in a popular diving location like Kaş.

Day 6 - Beach and ancient site of Patara

The huge expanse of sand dunes that constitutes the beach of Patara represents a real corner of paradise! It is located a few kilometers from the ancient city, the archaeological site of Patara: a theater, an Odeon, an ancient lighthouse and a remarkable set of ruins.

We are sure that you will enjoy Patara beach so much, which is in top 3 most beautiful beaches in Turkey, that you will decide to return there again. It is a 45 minute drive west from Kaş.

Day 7 - other places = Saklikent Gorge and Chimeras

If you stay more than a week in Kas or the surrounding area, you will still have many little corners of paradise to discover. In our favorites that you could add to your program:

A water hike in the Saklikent Gorge (1h drive from Kaş).

The chimeras, those eternal flames that burn at Çiralı, near Olympos. As well as the ruins of Phaselis by the sea (2h drive from Kaş). 

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