Yacht Charter Antalya

If you're planning an unforgettable sea holiday in Antalya, we have great offers for you: A yacht charter! We guarantee that you will have a unique experience where you can enjoy beautiful bays each day and discover all the natural and historical beauties of Antalya.

With the Antalya private yacht charter service, you will have the opportunity to see all the unique features of the region from the sea. Untouched coves, a clear sea, and the unique peace of being on the road will surround you.

Thanks to the advantageous Antalya private yacht charter offers of TekneveYat;

  • Have a good time with your friends and loved ones on private boats.
  • Feel the sweetness of the sea breeze and the calmness of the waves that gently rock the boat.
  • Discover the most remote and untouched places of Antalya that cannot be reached by land.
  • Collect memories you will never forget.

With a private yacht charter in Antalya, you are ready to set off with gulet or motor yacht-type boats! You can sail to the destinations of your dreams with the yachts you can choose with or without a crew. If you wish, you can do water sports like rowing, fishing, and diving.

Our yacht charter services are on a wide scale. Daily boat rental, private yacht tour, yacht charter with accommodation, special events, diving tour, or sailboat charter... Our prices vary according to the rental service you have chosen, the type of yacht, and the extra services you demand.

Our most preferred service in Antalya is the blue cruise. The blue cruise can be done with gulets, motor yachts, or sailboats for 3-4 days and weekly. The blue cruise, allows you to see all the bays, beaches, and ruins of the region by following a special route. You can provide all your needs by yourself and take the journey. Or you can request shopping for an extra fee in all-inclusive packages.

Short-term boat trips and daily swimming tours are cheaper options. You can also do daily swimming tours with your loved ones on a private yacht, and you can choose one of the options with or without meals.

Undoubtedly, there are countless places to explore in Antalya, where blue and green create magnificent harmony. Especially if you went on a blue voyage, you can still taste it even if you travel for a week. We will still suggest you a few tour routes. You can consider these as the most popular boat tour routes in Antalya.

Sulu Island

It is one of the most preferred private yacht tour routes from Olympos and Adrasan. The tour covers Lacivert Bay (also known as Love Island), Sulu Ada, and several small bays. Exceptions can be made on the route depending on weather conditions. Suluada is known as Turkey's Maldives. The reason for this is its warm water and magnificent turquoise sea. Swimming here is truly a completely different experience.


There are many places to visit in Adrasan. Akseki Bay, Korsan Bay, Liar Bay, Sazak Bay, and Ceneviz Bay are the most well-knowns. Apart from these, you can come across many large and small coves.

The nature and sea of ​​Adrasan are of immense beauty. It is possible to find the same breathtaking effect in all bays. The fact that the region is quieter than Olympos is also a big plus. It is among the routes you can choose for a relaxing sea voyage.

Kas – Kekova – Kalekoy

It is not possible to come to Kas and join the boat tour. It may be necessary to make a reservation a few days in advance as it is quite busy.

Each of the places that take a break as part of the tour is uniquely beautiful. The first stop is Aquarium Bay. After taking a few strokes in its clear water, you'll think it lives up to its name. There are also many caves around this bay. Although it's not possible to get inside by boat, you can get close enough to catch a few nice poses.

Kekova, also known as the sunken city, offers a completely different view with the ruins left in the sea. You will come across people who canoe or go snorkeling to see the sunken city up close.

We can say that Kaleköy is the most popular stop for Kaş boat tours. You can see many boats and yachts moored around this small and unspoiled village. You can take a long break here to taste the village's famous ice cream, visit the historical Simena Castle and the ancient city.


Kaputaş beach, located between Kaş and Kalkan, is like a secret paradise hidden among the rocks. You can also come by road, but it is much more enjoyable to come by sea. You will have the opportunity to swim in the caves in this region.

Sazak Harbor

You can enter Sazak Harbor between two rocky promontories approximately 1.5 miles ahead of Sergeant Point. Sea is deep enough here, so you can easily anchor. It is a sheltered area against north winds.

Genoese Port

This is the most sheltered natural harbor in the region. However, northern winds are quite heavy. There is a high rocky promontory at the entrance of the bay and extending southward turns into a sandy beach. The backside of the beach is forest and creates a magnificent view. You can anchor against this view and spend a few days.

Cirali Port

There is Çıralı Harbor at the point where Akpınar Stream empties into the sea, 2 miles north of the Genoese Harbor. It cannot be said that it is an ideal place for anchoring for a long time, but you may want to stop to see the nearby Olympos ancient city and Chimera.

If you want to spice up your summer vacation by chartering a private yacht, but do not have any experience in this regard, we recommend that you read below carefully. For a comfortable and fulfilling yacht adventure, you can start by asking these questions:

  • What is the capacity of the yacht you want to charter?
  • How many cabins are on the yacht?
  • What is in the cabins?
  • Does the yacht charter service include the crew?
  • If yes, who is the crew?
  • Can I have a trouble-free and peaceful holiday with the yacht's equipment?
  • Is it possible to access water sports such as diving and canoeing as an additional service?
  • How are the catering services on the yacht?
  • How much is the rental cost of the yacht?

When you ask these questions first to yourself and then to the official at the time of booking and get satisfactory answers, you will be closer to your dream yacht vacation.

Thanks to the contracted boat operators of the Boat and Yacht, you can access a boat holiday in the comfort of a five-star hotel. You can easily access all boat and yacht charter services on a single platform, providing service within the framework of high-quality standards on all coasts of Turkey. Submit your special requests, and make your reservation with a secure payment option.

Traveling the undiscovered wonders of nature on a comfortable and safe yacht has never been easier! You can choose the type of yacht holiday you want from the categories in our search engine. There are many different types of services such as blue cruise, swimming tour, diving tour, fishing tour, sailboat, marriage proposal, bachelorette party. You can buy these services as ready-made packages, or you can add or remove them by defining your own concept. We offer flexible rental terms for your satisfaction.

Boat and Yacht is a TÜRSAB A Group Travel Agency and has a Ship Agency Certificate. Thanks to the High-Security Online Payment System, it offers the opportunity to pay with all banks in Turkey. Our customer service department is available 24/7 to answer your questions about the reservation and listing details.

Frequently Asked Questions

In the details of the ads, it is clearly stated which services are provided within the scope of the charter. Extra costs may apply for any additional services not mentioned here. We recommend that you get detailed information when booking to avoid any unpleasant situation.
Generally, the yacht's route and ports are determined in advance and stated in the ad details. If not specified, we recommend contacting the owner. Changing routes or stopping at ports not on the route may incur additional charges.
Tekneveyat has a secure payment option agreed with all banks. You can pay with your credit or debit card.
There are no food and beverage services within the scope of yacht charter service. However, you may benefit from these services by paying an additional fee.
Some yachts may have minimum age requirements. This is for your and your child safety. We recommend that you discuss this when booking.
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