Distance Sales Agreement

1.The Parties

1.1.Seller / Service Provider

Name, Surname/Title : Hiff Internet Yatırımları A.Ş. (will be referred to as tekneveyat)

E-mail              : [email protected]

Address                      : Adalet Mah. 1593/1 Sok. No:65/9 Bayraklı/Izmir

Phone Number          : +90 531 367 65 76

1.2. Buyer/Customer

It is the user who shops or purchases goods or services through Tekneveyat which belongs to the Seller.

2. Subject

The subject of this contract is to determine the rights and responsibilities of the parties in accordance with the provisions of the Law No. 4077 on the Protection of Consumers and the Regulation on Distance Contracts regarding the delivery of the service that the BUYER has ordered electronically from the SELLER's www.tekneveyat.com website.

The BUYER accepts and declares that the SELLER has given all kinds of contact information, the characteristics of the service/services subject to sale, the sales price including taxes, the payment method and all similar preliminary information about the service subject to the sale, and that se/he has placed her/his order under these conditions.

The preliminary information on the www.tekneveyat.com website and the invoice for the shopping performed are an integral part of this contract.

3. Service /Payment Information Subject to the Agreement

The services that have been paid and ordered electronically and the invoice information of the BUYER are as follows. The information of the person/institution to be invoiced and the person/institution that made the contract must match. The BUYER is deemed to have accepted that the information given below is complete and correct. 

www.tekneveyat.com cannot be held responsible for any damages that may arise from the transfer of incorrect/incomplete information. If the SELLER deems that the information does not correspond to the truth, it has the right to withdraw the service to be provided.

Servicies that Recieved / Services

www.tekneveyat.com brokerage commission

Invoice Information

Hiff Internet Yazılımları A.Ş.

Karşıyaka VD. 4620743926

4. Agreement Date and Force Majeure

The agreement date is the day the BUYER pays the price of the service he/she wants to receive.

From the moment the contract is deemed valid, situations that make it impossible for the BUYER or SELLER to fulfill their obligations (disaster, terrorism, strike, technical failure, changing legislation provisions and similar situations) will be considered as force majeure. The party experiencing this situation is obliged to make a written statement to the other party as soon as possible. 

Parties shall not be liable for failure to fulfill obligations due to force majeure or continuation of reasons. The continuation of force majeure(s) for 30 days gives the parties the right to terminate the contract unilaterally.

5. Standardized Terms of Agreement

5.1. The BUYER accepts that she/he has read and learned the basic characteristics, sales price and payment method of the products displayed on the WEBSITE, as well as the preliminary information about the delivery, and has given the necessary confirmation for the sale in the electronic environment.

5.2. The SELLER cannot be held responsible if the person/organization to be delivered does not accept the delivery or service, in case the PRODUCT or SERVICE is intended for a person/organization other than the BUYER,.

5.3. The BUYER is responsible for checking the PRODUCT or SERVICE as soon as she/he receives it. If it is a purchased PRODUCT, when she/he sees a problem on the PRODUCT caused by shipping, she/she  is responsible for not accepting the PRODUCT and keeping a report to the SHIPPING company official. If it is a purchased SERVICE, she/he is reponsible for notifiying the WEBSITE immidiately about the problem related to the service. Otherwise, the BROKER / SELLER / WEBSITE will not accept any responsibility.

5.4. The BUYER is obliged to sign a printed copy of this agreement during the delivery of the PRODUCT or SERVICE, upon the request of the SELLER. If she/he does not sign, PRODUCT delivery or SERVICE may not be performed. The agreement approved by the BUYER during the shopping on the WEBSITE, is sufficient and valid in any case.

5.5. The BUYER must have paid the price in full before receiving the PRODUCT or SERVICE, unless otherwise stipulated in writing by the SELLER. If the price of the PRODUCT is not paid to the SELLER before delivery, the SELLER may unilaterally cancel the contract and not deliver or fulfill the PRODUCT/SERVICE.

5.6. After the SELLER's performance, the Bank/financial institution to which the credit card is processed does not pay the PRODUCT/SERVICE price to the SELLER for any reason, the PRODUCT/SERVICE shall be returned to the SELLER by the BUYER within 3 days at the latest, at the BUYER's expense. All other contractual and legal rights of the SELLER, including the follow-up of the PRODUCT/SERVICE fee, are reserved separately and in any case. In order to avoid any hesitation; Banks and financial institutions such as credit cards, installment cards, etc. the deferred/ installment payment opportunities provided by the issuing institutions are a loan and/or the installment payment opportunity provided directly by the mentioned institution. PRODUCT/SERVICE sales take place within this framework and for which the SELLER fully charges the price are not considered as installment sales for the parties of this Agreement, but are cash sales.

The SELLER's legal rights in cases deemed to be sales in installments by law (including the right to terminate the contract in case any of the installments are not paid and/or demand the payment of the remaining debt together with the default interest) are existing and reserved.

6. Rights and Obligations of the Seller

6.1. The SELLER accepts and undertakes to fulfill its obligations in full, except for force majeure, in accordance with the provisions of the Law on the Protection of Consumers No. 4077 and the Regulation on Distance Contracts.

6.2. www.tekneveyat.com cannot be held responsible for incorrect pricing caused by system-based errors or deficiencies. The SELLER is also exempt from errors that may arise from system, design or incoming cyber attacks on the website. The SELLER cannot be held responsible for the grievances that the BUYER will experience due to system-based errors.

6.3. www.tekneveyat.com collects the cost of its services via Virtual POS. In order to start using the services, it is mandatory to make the payment in full. The delivery date of the services is determined individually for each service, and the SELLER gives detailed information about the deadline when the BUYER's order is received.

7. Rights and Obligations of the Buyer

7.1. The BUYER agrees and undertakes to fulfill its obligations in full, except for force majeure.

7.2. The BUYER shall be deemed to have accepted the obligations of this agreement as soon as he/she places the order and pays the service fee.

7.3. The BUYER accepts and declares that she/he can access all the contact information of the SELLER from the website www.tekneveyat.com.

7.4. The BUYER accepts and declares that she/he has accessed the website www.tekneveyat.com and read and  understood the information about the measures taken against possible situations, warnings and detailed information about services and payment terms from the website.

7.5. The BUYER has the right to withdraw from the services purchased within the same day of the order. In this case, the invoice has been issued, he/she accepts and undertakes that he/she will return the original invoice and the dispatch note to the SELLER as soon as he/she receives the invoice.

7.6. All legal material responsibilities that may arise from this agreement or  the purchase and sale of PRODUCTS/SERVICES between the parties, as well as taxes (including stamp duty of this agreement) and other risks, belong to the BUYER.

8. Order/Payment Procedure


After the BUYER approves the TL amount, including VAT, of the service he/she wants to purchase, the transaction starts over the POS of the relevant bank card.

The BUYER is notified, in case of any disruption during the payment process or any problem with the credit card. In cases where it is deemed necessary, the BUYER may be requested to contact her/his bank to resolve the problem. The obligation of the SELLER to meet the demand begins when the price of the relevant service is paid.

In the event that the paid service cannot be provided for a justified reason, the BUYER is informed immediately and a similar service will be offered in accordance with the BUYER's choice. The BUYER may choose this method, or may refuse the service she/he wishes to receive, and may request a refund.

In cases where it becomes impossible to fulfill the obligation to deliver the goods subject to the agreement, the BUYER is informed of the situation and the total price paid and any documents that put her/him under debt, if any, are returned to him and the contract is cancelled. In such a case, the BUYER shall not claim any additional pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages from the SELLER.


At www.tekneveyat.com, the sales prices of the services are collected via money order or Virtual POS. Credit card information used in payments made via Virtual POS is encrypted with SSL technology; the system provides the infrastructure to ensure the necessary privacy and security.

Users who do not want to pay via Virtual POS can also pay for services via money order/EFT. The BUYER can make the transfer via any bank. If the payment is made via EFT, the date on which the payment is transferred to the SELLER's account is taken into account in the obligation to provide the service. The information of the sender making the money order and/or EFT must be the same as the contact information on the invoice and the order detail must be specified as a note.

If the BUYER has made the payment by credit card, he/she accepts, declares and undertakes that he/she will confirm the relevant interest rates and also default interest information from the bank, and that the provisions regarding interest and default interest will be applied within the scope of the "Credit Card Agreement" between the Bank and the BUYER in accordance with the provisions of the legislation in force.

9. Product Delivery, Service Procedure


The product/products or the service are activated after the BUYER makes the payment and the SELLER approves this transaction, before the promised delivery time of the selected product or service is exceeded. This period can be extended by a maximum of 10 (ten) working days, provided that the reason is notified to the BUYER in advance.

In the event of any problem regarding the availability of the product/products or services within the specified days, the BUYER agrees to notify the Customer Service of www.tekneveyat.com without delay.

10. The Procedure for the Right to Return Products, Cancel Services and Withdraw

Product/Service Return:

The BUYER has the right to withdraw from the contract within 7 (seven) days after the product/service is activated (after it is arranged and made available on behalf of the BUYER) without giving any reason and without paying any penalty. The right of withdrawal starts from the day the product/service is activated. In accordance with the general annunciation of the Tax Procedure Law No. 385, in order for the refund to be made, it is necessary to fill in the return sections in the invoices sent to the BUYER completely and correctly, sign, send one copy to the SELLER, and keep the other copy at his/her responsibility. If there is less than 14 (fourteen days) left to provide the service, it is not possible to withdraw or cancel.

The shipping cost in delivering the invoice to the SELLER will be paid by the BUYER. There is no right of withdrawal for products that are expressly prepared in accordance with the BUYER's wishes and /or her/his personal needs.

In the event that the BUYER wishes to withdraw from the service purchased, the SELLER shall return the total price, excluding the shipping costs, if any, and any documents that place the consumer in debt, within 10 (ten) working days at the latest, after receiving the invoice containing the withdrawal notification.

The existence of a reason that makes the return impossible, this does not prevent the use of the BUYER's right of withdrawal. In such a case, the SELLER shall compensate the loss by deducting the returned price.

The request for the return of products/services must first be forwarded to the customer service. After the customer service receives the return request, the service is stopped, and then the cost of the relevant service is sent to the BUYER.

In the return of payments made by credit card, the SELLER makes the payment to the bank in cash or by deduction.

11. Confidentiality

The information contained in this contract and any information belonging to the BUYER shall not be shared with third parties except for administrative/legal obligations. In judicial investigations, the SELLER has to share the requested information with the relevant authorities. 

The credit card information of the BUYER is not stored in any way. This information is transmitted securely to the relevant bank during collection and used to obtain provision, and is deleted from all data after this process.

Information such as e-mail address, postal address and telephone of the BUYER are only used by the SELLER for the purpose of informing the BUYER (promotion, new service promotion, etc.). For our detailed privacy policy visit www.tekneveyat.com/privacy-policy

12. Competent Courts and Enforcement Offices in Case of Dispute

In case of dispute arising from the implementation of this agreement, Izmir Courts and Enforcement Offices are authorized.

In the event that the order is fulfilled, the BUYER is deemed to have accepted all the terms of this contract.

This agreement has been issued in a single copy, and a certified copy can be given to the BUYER upon request.

Best regards,


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