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Datça Bays and Beaches

We can say there are many places to visit in Datça which offer unforgettable experiences for local and foreign tourists. The sea, calm life and nature are the only factors distinguishing Datça from other holiday resorts. While enjoying the sea and sun during your visit to Datça, it is possible to participate in different activities. Especially Datça boat tours will be at the top of these activities.

Datça bays and beaches, which are frequently preferred by boat tours and frequented by tourists, are also very popular. Look at these bays and beaches that make your Datça trip even more beautiful.

Datca Bays

Aquarium Bay

You can crown your vacation by visiting Datça bays. Aquarium Bay, which is among these bays, is one of the must-see places. This bay, frequently preferred by those looking for calmness and a perfect sea, is also very popular among Datça boat tours. If you want to swim with fish, we recommend you anchor in this bay.

Armutlu Bay

We can say that Armutlu Bay, which hosts a sea with a light blue tone, shows us how beautiful the Aegean is. You can reach Armutlu Bay in Datça by joining boat tours and leaving in the cold waters in the sun's warmth.

Karaincir Bay

Karaincir Bay, among the Datça bays and beaches, is among the places to visit and see. If it is necessary to specify Datça, we can say that its beach and sea are sandy. Although you can come across stony areas in other bays, you will not encounter many cold areas in Karaincir Bay. You can also stop by this bay if you want to take a boat tour in Datça. We can say that it is a bay frequently preferred by boats because it stands out with its calmness.


If you want to explore the bays when you come to Datça, we recommend seeing Inceburun Bay. In an area covered with pine trees, transportation to this bay, which meets the sea, is only by boat. For this reason, it is a bay frequently preferred by boats for short stops. In this bay, which hosts the deep blue sea, you can spend pleasant moments on land by anchoring the boat.

Kargi Bay

Datça, Kargo Koyu

Another hidden paradise among Datça bays is Kargı Bay. Surrounded by a hill, this bay has a good location for Datça boat tours. Although the coastline is stony, if you want to dive from the boat, we recommend keeping your diving goggles with you.

Mesudiye Bay

Datça, Mesudiye Koyu

This bay in the Mesudiye district of Datça is the perfect place for a boat tour. You can have a nice time by swimming between the Greek islands. In the evening, watching the sunset on the shore of Mesudiye Bay will give you a different pleasure. We can say that it is one of the calmest bays among Datça bays and beaches.

Palamutbuku Bay

Palamutbükü Bay, which is close to Akvaryum Bay, is indispensable for those who dream of a clean sea. This bay, where you can see the bottom of the sea, is known for its clear water. If you have a Datça boat tour plan, you can also visit Palamutbükü Bay and then decide which of the Datça bays is better.

Knidos Bay

Datça, Knidos Koyu'daki Knidos Antik Kenti

We know that Muğla is home to many bays; Datça, a district of Muğla, is officially competing with it with its bays. The majority of almost unique bays are located within the borders of Datça. Another one of these bays is Knidos Bay. In this bay, where you can enjoy the sun and the sea, you can also go ashore and do tourist activities. It is possible to see the ancient city of Knidos and Knidos Castle by anchoring in this bay.

Orhaniye Bay

If you want to see the coasts of Datça and discover another destination, we recommend you take a boat trip to Orhaniye Bay in Marmaris. Thus, you can witness Datça life, nature and sea from the sea by boat. You will also want your time in Orhaniye Bay never to end.

Datça Beaches

There are many spots to swim in Datça. Although many beaches in Datça will fascinate you with beaches and bays, we have listed the most popular and easy-to-reach ones. Here are the Datça beaches we have listed for you;

Aquarium Beach

You can have a nice time at Akvaryum Beach, the beach of Akvaryum Bay, which we mentioned above. You can enjoy the sea, sand and sun at Akvaryum Beach, one of the most popular beaches of Datça. If you like camping, you can camp at Aquarium Beach. We recommend visiting this beach, which will enchant your vacation.

Palamutbükü Beach

Datça, Palamutbükü Plajı

It would not be right to say that you have been swimming in Datça without visiting the unique beach of Palamutbükü Bay. We can say that this beach, which has a long sandy beach, will seem calm even on crowded days due to its length. You can sunbathe on the stony beach and enjoy the Aegean Sea during the day. We also recommend you have a nice dinner in the surrounding restaurants by witnessing the sunset on this beach.

Kumluk Beach

This beach, located right in the centre of Datça among Datça beaches, is frequented by those who want to swim directly without travelling. You can have a good time on this beach where tourists often swim due to its central location. Although it is a plus that it is close to many facilities, we still recommend swimming in the sea by seeing Datça bays with a boat tour.

Taşlık Beach

You can understand the taste of walking through the white and blue painted houses and swimming in the sea by swimming in the sea at Taşlık Beach. After walking through the streets that smell nostalgia, we recommend you lay your towel on the beach and enjoy the Aegean Sea. For those looking for a complete relaxation vacation, we recommend swimming in the early hours at Taşlık Beach. You will regain all your energy in the glassy sea.

Ovabükü Beach

Datça, Ovabükü Plajı

For those looking for calmness, we can recommend them to visit Ovabükü beach, which is among the beaches of Datça. We can say that this beach, which stands out with its clear sea and calmness, is frequented by caravanners to relax outside the summer season. You can also easily meet your eating and drinking needs in the nearby boutique cafes.

We have examined the most preferred Datça bays for you. For blue cruise and boat rental in Datça, you can visit our page and explore the beautiful gulet, motor yacht and sailboat options and contact us on 0531 367 65 76 for reservations.

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