Cunda Sailing Boat for Rent

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    12 m
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Would you like to have a unique holiday experience on a sailboat that prioritizes hospitality and provides customer-oriented service?


Explore the peaceful coves of Cunda and collect unforgettable memories on this boat with 20 years of sea history.


Our sailing boat for rent;

It departs at 10:30 in the morning. (In the meantime, you can enjoy your morning coffee!)

It takes a break at 4 different points in total during the day. (First stopover: Black Island - Blue Bay.)

You can bring your own - optionally - food and drinks.


Take advantage of the advantageous reservation opportunity for a convenient, clean and safe sailing sea holiday!

Crew services
The most beautiful bays in the area, depending on the weather conditions
Food and Beverages are not included in every trip. Please ask for details.

Deck Equipments
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Starting from ₺12.000,00