Operation Guide

On Tekneveyat.com (SITE), you can contact the listing owner (SELLER) byselecting one of the appropriate rental boat & yachts that suits you, from both the main page and the advertisement tab. You can make an online payment to the SELLER who accepts online reservations and you can complete your reservation by specifying the appropriate day and the number of people to participate from the booking button on the advertisement page.

The preliminary information form, the distance sales agreement and the transaction information regarding the purchased service are sent to you via e-mail and/or SMS. All this information can be reached in demand for 3 years.

Technical tools such as undo and replace with a summary order form are provided to you so that you can clearly identify and correct your errors in the data entry before making your payment.

https://tekneveyat.com/privacy-policy is applied on the privacy rules for personal data obtained through this SITE.

In case of any dispute, this situation is immediately reported to the SITE on the communication tab or the phone number on the site, and the dispute is attempted to be resolved immediately.

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