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9 Heavenly Places To Discover in Turkey

In Turkey, you can find incredible paradise places that are all the rage on social networks. So here are these 9 heavenly places, considered as the Maldives of Turkey to discover, as well as details on how to get there and what to do there.

1. Salda Lake in Burdur

Let's start with the most popular lake in all of Turkey, the one that is really called the "Maldives of Turkey", the Salda Lake, or Salda Gölü in Turkish.

Located in the province of Burdur, the Salda crater lake is protected because it is the result of a rare ecological process. It grows rare algae and its water is full of valuable minerals. Its sand is white and its water crystal clear.

The lake is really a very visited place. It is best to go there in the early morning. Tours are organized from Pamukkale, Izmir, Antalya, Fethiye or other nearby cities. The tours are usually a few days long. If you want to have more freedom during your tour, you can rent a car and go there by yourself.

In the vicinity of Lake Salda, you can enjoy Lake Burdur, the ancient town of Sagalassos, as well as exceptional nature. The hotel worth visiting in the area is Tefenni Villas & Hotel. A beautiful property where you can cut yourself off from the world.

In the same style, you also have the Sagalassos Lodge & Spa, a little further away but such a beautiful place that you won't want to leave. It is located near Isparta and will also allow you to visit Lake Burdur. Don't hesitate to take a look at it.

2. Garip Island & Kalem Island in Dikili

In the province of Izmir, you will find many small paradises on earth. But the two islands that are most popular at the moment are Garip Island and Kalem Island, located side by side on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey. These two islands are located right in front of the city of Dikili, itself only 130 km by car from Izmir.

The creeks of Dikili are really impressive. There are the islands Kalem, Garip but also :

  • Akvaryum cove
  • Ilica cove
  • Pissa cove
  • Hanimin cove

Dikili will not disappoint you. You can reach it by car or by bus from Izmir.

Dikili Yacht Charter and Organization with TekneveYat

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There is Wi-Fi, a security camera, a bathroom, a changing area, and a bar. On our roomy and comfortable yacht, you may comfortably form any type of organization. We are happy to have you here at TekneveYat! For any organizations or boat trips in Dikili, get in touch with TekneveYat.

3. Suluada in Adrasan

Suluada is one of those incredible places where it seems as if everything is artificial, so beautiful, blue, white and pure.

The island of Suluada, located in front of Adrasan Bay, is accessible by boat tours and offers a setting worthy of the Maldives or the Thai islands. The water is transparent and very clean, the beaches are protected, without a stone and the water is warm! Don't go there in the middle of summer if you can't stand the heat.

4. Sedir Island in Marmaris

It looks like a giant swimming pool, yet this photo is real and comes from the beaches located on Sedir Island, Marmaris.

The island, which is also called Cleopatra Island, can be reached from the port of Sedir. To get to Sedir itself, complete a 20-minute drive from Marmaris or Akyaka. Then the boat that takes you there passes through the beautiful blue waters and drops you off after 30 min.

Boat Hire in Marmaris with TekneveYat

With TekneveYat Marmaris boat rental service, you may experience a sea adventure for you and your loved ones, adding thrilling memories to your trip. By hiring boats and yachts for a day, a few days, or a week, you may experience the breathtaking scenery and landscapes of Marmaris. Do not make a decision before looking at our offerings if you want to sail to the infinite blue of the sea with your family or friends and a qualified captain and crew.

The best and most enjoyable way to find Marmaris' secret attractions is by renting a boat or yacht. Millions of domestic and international tourists visit this prestigious neighborhood every year because of its uncountable natural splendors. You will be able to see both the features of the Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea because it is situated where they meet.

Marmaris Boat Charter Routes

There are several ways to see Marmaris' natural wonders and have a wonderful boat trip while soaking up as much sun, sea, and entertainment as possible. Stunningly clean bays, enigmatic caverns, unspoiled islands, and much more. We have examined a few of the most well-traveled routes for you.

  • Paradise Island - It is actually a peninsula but known as an island.
  • Phosphorous Cave - Phosphorus Cave is one of the places frequented by daily boat tours and private yachts.
  • Aquarium Cove - It is impossible to get enough of the crystal clear and flat sea of ​​Aquarium Bay.
  • Kumlubuk Bay - Kumlubuk, which is 26 km away from the center of Marmaris, is among the places we recommend you to explore from the sea.
  • Amos Bay - It is a very cute and hidden cove between Kumlubuk and Turuncu.

5. Butterfly and Ölüdeniz beaches in Fethiye

Fethiye is full of beaches and places to visit (as well as sumptuous hotels to stay in).

In particular, you can spend a day (or a few days) at the Butterfly Valley (Kelebekler Valley) or not far away at Ölüdeniz, another protected beach nearby. Both places are just beautiful and indescribable.

Boat Hire in Fethiye with TekneveYat

For summertime travel, Fethiye is one of Mugla's best known city hubs. Local and international visitors to the stunning Fethiye coasts have a vacation like no other, and they return year after year. This cannot be a coincidence. Fethiye, Turkey's preferred yacht tourist location for yacht charter services, is home to the internationally renowned Oludeniz.

You can experience the advantage of a holiday with a yacht charter in Fethiye, with the opportunity to cruise on the sea as you wish and wherever you want.

Fethiye Yacht Charter Popular Destinations

As an alternative activity, you may visit the historical ruins at historic cities like Yakakoy (Tlos), Xanthos, and Letoon in the area. You can swim in the clean waters, fish, and participate in a variety of water sports there.

The following locations are among those that contribute to Fethiye yacht tourism's global popularity: Kizilada, Oludeniz, Kelebekler Valley, Bozyigit Cape, Soguk Su Bay, Cleopatra Beach, Fethiye Ancient City, Katranci Bay, Kabak Bay, Kalemya Bay... You can travel comfortably to all of these locations with your own luxury yacht.

6. Gocek Bay in Mugla

30 km north of Fethiye, you will find Gocek, a small town by the sea in Turkey. Gocek overlooks the islands you see in the picture above, which can be reached by sailboat or small boat. This area is truly beautiful, with idyllic landscapes that are a must-see.

Gocek is one of the most preferred places for a boating vacation and offers you a wonderful experience with its beautiful bays. If you want to get more information about a Blue Cruise in Gocek, you can visit.

7. Patara and Kaputas in Kas

The two most incredible beaches near the resorts of Kas and Kalkan in southwest Turkey are Kaputas Beach and Patara Beach. They resemble Australian or Greek beaches and yet they are truly Turkish. Wide, with fine sand, turquoise water and passing boats.

Patara is also an ancient and quite important historical site in the area. Patara beach also hosts turtles for nesting every year and are protected (no access to a part of the beach for a few days).

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You will get the chance to view all the distinctive aspects of the area from the water with the private boat rental service in Antalya. You will be surrounded by uninhabited coves, a clean sea, and the special tranquility of being on the road.

Thanks to the advantageous Antalya private yacht charter offers of TekneveYat.

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