Boat Hire in Fethiye

Fethiye is one of the most popular city centers in Mugla for summer tourism. It cannot be a coincidence that local and foreign tourists visit the magnificent Fethiye shores and experience a dream-like holiday and repeat this every year. Hosting the world famous Oludeniz, Fethiye is one of Turkey's favorite yacht tourism destinations for yacht charter services. Would you like to enjoy different views on comfortable and luxury boats that leave behind 5-star hotels in popular holiday resorts?

You can experience the advantage of a holiday with a yacht charter in Fethiye, with the opportunity to cruise on the sea as you wish and wherever you want.

You can swim in the crystal clear waters, fish, do various water sports and, as a different activity, you can explore the historical ruins in ancient cities such as Yakakoy (Tlos), Xanthos and Letoon in the region.

You can consider the Fethiye yacht charter option to witness the fascinating shades of blue and green. The region, which has a rugged coastline due to its geographical location, has been influential in the emergence of unexplored bays.

The points that help Fethiye yacht tourism to be so popular by the whole world are as follows; Kizilada, Oludeniz, Kelebekler Valley, Bozyigit Cape, Soguk Su Bay, Cleopatra Beach, Fethiye Ancient City, Katranci Bay, Kabak Bay, Kalemya Bay… You can visit all these destinations comfortably with your private luxury yacht.

You can have a wonderful holiday experience by renting a boat in Fethiye. However, before you charter a yacht, there are some things you need to determine in order to best meet your comfort and needs. If you complete your reservation process based on these tricks, you can have a pleasant process throughout your journey.

  • How many days have you planned for the holiday?
  • How many people do you have?
  • Have you determined your travel route?
  • Do you want to receive food and cleaning services during your trip?
  • Would you like to go on a blue cruise with a luxury and fast yacht or an adventurous holiday with a sailboat?


After determining the answers to all these questions, you can make your Fethiye yacht charter reservation. Or you can get advice for your journey by contacting our professional team.

However, there are 3 different types of boats you can rent while on a boat holiday in Fethiye.


The biggest advantage of sailing with a fiber sailboat is that you can visit more than one destination in a short time. Therefore, the boat preference of free-spirited people is mostly fiber sails. You can anchor at many islands and coves in just a few days in the area you sail.

Fiber Boats

Fiber boats are usually made using lightweight materials and are mass produced. Fethiye is an affordable boat type for both domestic and foreign tourists who want to get yacht charter service. In addition, it is resistant to strong waves. Even in adverse weather conditions, you can travel comfortably and reliably.

Luxury Motor Yachts

Their designs are made of the latest quality materials and their interior volumes are quite large. Its cabins are designed with the comfort of the most luxurious hotels. It has engines running at high speed, which allows you to go much faster than other boats. Especially if you like comfort and speed for the blue cruise voyage, you can have a dream holiday with Fethiye ultra-luxury motor yacht charter service.

Frequently Asked Questions

The capacity and number change according to the yacht types you have chosen during the reservation. You can contact us to determine the ideal boat type for your Fethiye yacht trip.
Except for the sailboat charter without a captain, all Fethiye yacht charter services have professional captains and crew to accompany you throughout your journey. The captain, cook and crew are included in the rental fee.
For the blue cruise, the ports where you will board the boat and get off on the way back are determined in advance. You need to talk to your captain for ports that are not included in your route plan.
The possibility of bringing pets to the boats is mostly possible as long as the cleanliness and hygienic rules are adhered to. Generally, there are Pet Friendly boats for your pets. However, to be sure about this, you should contact your captain during the reservation.
Yacht charter prices vary depending on some factors. While calculating the fees; The requested services, the type of the chartered boat, the rental period, and the route information are determined by considering the transparent price policy.
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