Gulet Cruise

How about getting a gulet cruise in Turkey as a holiday option with plenty of visual feast to get away from the noisy chaos of the city and take a historical journey in the interesting ancient ruins of Turkey and find peace in the crystalline blue seas?

Turkish Gulets are a type of boat unique to the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts of Turkey. They are classified in 4 different categories as Economical, Air-conditioned Luxury, Deluxe and Exclusive Gulet Yachts. It is designed and produced by masters in shipyards in Bodrum, Fethiye and Marmaris regions of Turkey. Gulets are the most used boat type, especially for the blue cruise

Gulets, which are suitable for use both on the coast and in the open sea, are a type of wooden, classic looking and comfortable boat with traditional Turkish maritime traces. The number of cabins starts from a minimum of 2; It can go up to 10-12 chambers. Due to the intense interest of domestic and foreign tourists in each cabin; The number of gulets with air conditioning, WC and private showers has increased. However, air conditioners are generally operated up to 4-6 hours a day in order to avoid problems in terms of both fuel and noise.

Another difference between gulets and other boats is that they are chartered with crew. As you can see, all services and services are under the responsibility of the crew. This is a positive feature for you to spend much more comfortable and productive time. There is 1 captain, 1 sailor and 1 cook in the crew, but only 1 captain and 1 sailor take part in smaller gulets. (The captain or the sailor also does the cooking.) There is also a kitchen with equipment such as a stove, oven, refrigerator and freezer required for cooking. cabins; categorized as master, double, triple, tween, single. Each cabin has either a double bed or a double - single bunk bed. The average length of the gulets is between 15 meters and 40 meters.

You can experience these ultra-wide cabins, secure, radar-equipped and comfortable boats during all inclusive gulet cruise in Turkey.

The gulets, which are the most preferred boat type for blue cruise with their modern equipment and diesel engines, have a large seating area and a dining table at the back. The front part of the boat is designed for sunbathing and consists of many comfortable sunbathing mats. 

Which of the luxury yacht rental alternatives is more suitable for you? Below are 3 different types of gulets for charter.


It is the oldest known type of gulet and is the best option for sailing. It has a pointed stern and a triangular sail. Although they are known as sailor boats, they are also very comfortable for a blue cruise. Its average length is around 15-25 meters. Due to their structures and designs, they can easily approach small ports. It is suitable for use by up to 10 people according to production dimensions.

Double Eagle 

Double Eagle gulets offer their guests a wide and safe sunbathing area. It is especially ideal for people who experience seasickness and has a design that minimizes vibration. Their height can be from 15 meters to 40 meters. Cabin spaces are slightly narrower than other types, but all cabins have showers, WCs and air conditioners.


It is produced with a more modern design than others. According to one assumption, ketch type gulets are the boats with the largest cabin area in the world. Therefore, it is a type of boat with cabins that we can describe as a master cabin. It is at least 20 meters long and has dimensions that extend up to 40 meters. It is among the most preferred boats for the blue cruise with its affordable price. These are the best boats for gulet cruise around the Greek islands and private gulet charters in Fethiye, Bodrum and Kas region.

Gulets, which are handmade special wooden boats, are also known as motor sailboats. Thanks to the comfort and equipment it offers, it is frequently preferred especially in gulet cruise trips.

It is possible to have an unforgettable holiday experience by taking a Turkish gulet charter service. However, there are some points that will affect your decision while chartering a gulet. By thoroughly researching and identifying these points before booking, you can set sail for an extraordinary trip.

  • Why are you chartering the gulet, are you planning a holiday or a corporate event?
  • If it's a luxury vacation, do you want intense sports activities or is your goal a trip to explore and relax?
  • If you are going to hire a gulet for a corporate event, will your group be crowded
  • However, do you want a luxurious and big gulets or is it important to be fast?
  • Which ports would you like to have on your itinerary?
  • Do you have any additional requests?
  • Do you have a special eating habit?
  • Would you like to be presented with options related to water sports?

In short, if you have prepared the answers to the questions above, you are ready for a gulet charter. You can proceed to the reservation process. However, it should be noted that the earlier you book, the more affordable the price you will pay.

The Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, which are admired by the whole world, are full of local and foreign tourists who charter gulets especially in the summer months. While destinations such as Kas, Fethiye, Gocek, Marmaris, Bozburun, Datca and Bodrum are among the most popular regions, regions such as Cesme, Ayvalik, Antalya and Mersin can be shown among the newly accelerated points in Gulet Cruise service. On the other hand, Turkey, Croatia and Greece are among the popular gulet rental destinations in the Aegean and Mediterranean. You can have a pleasant yacht holiday by chartering a gulet in these regions, which attract the attention of sea lovers with its mild climate, unexplored shallow bays and magnificent nature.

Kas and Kekova Gulet Cruise

Kas is a cute seaside resort in the south with its narrow streets smelling of flowers and it's always lively summer tourism. It is located in the famous Lycian region and amazes those who see it with its various natural beauties. Being among the Gulet Holiday centers in Turkey, Kas attracts the attention of tourists with the underwater archeology park Kas Archeopark located in Hidayet Bay. It also has various opportunities for diving enthusiasts.

Fethiye Gulet Cruise

We recommend you to evaluate the Gulet Cruise Fethiye service to witness the most beautiful shades of blue and green. The rugged coastline caused by the mountains being parallel to the sea also helped to reveal the fairytale-like bays. These covers have the biggest share in the development of Fethiye yacht tourism. You can comfortably visit many famous coves and beaches such as Kizilada, Oludeniz, Butterfly Valley, Bozyigit Cape, Soguk Su Bay and many more with the gulet you chartered.

Gocek Gulet Cruise

Gocek, located on the west coast of the Mediterranean, has taken its reputation beyond the borders of the country with its bays. It is a coastal town established in Kalimche village between Fethiye and Dalyan. It is an attractive holiday region with various coves of unique beauty and 12 Islands. While exploring all the coves and beaches found with the Gocek Gulet Cruise option; You can also visit historical places such as the Fethiye Museum, Tlos Letoon, Telmessos and Patara.

Marmaris Gulet Cruise

Marmaris, a popular port city, is also among Turkey's important destinations for summer tourism. With its deserted coves on its long coastline, fairy-tale beaches and ancient cities with a long history, it attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists in the summer months. Therefore, it is one of the busiest yacht charter centers in Turkey for Gulet Cruise services.

Bozburun Gulet Cruise

Bozburun, which is one of the most preferred destinations for gulet cruise lovers, is also on the top list for Gulet Cruises. Here, too, gulet tourism is a popular option. Overlooking the sea, shining like a crystal, during your Bozburun gulet cruise; You can add enormous coves such as Adabogazi, Aktur, Bencik, Selimiye surroundings, Ginitbuku, Kizil Ada, Koca Ada, Comcalik to your itinerary.

Datca Gulet Cruise

Datca with its rosemary and sage scented streets; It attracts tourists with its church ruins, rocky surfaces, ancient cisterns, tombstones and ruined olive oil facilities. It has numerous blue flag beaches and is a record destination in summer tourism with its 52 bays. This peninsula, with its fairy-tale features, is for domestic and foreign tourists who want to charter a gulet and make a sea voyage; Inbuku Bay (Emel Sayın Bay), Bencik Bay, Aktur Bay and Beach, Karaincir Bay, Perili Kosk Bay, Kargi Bay and Gabaklar Beach offer wonderful bays to explore and relax.

Bodrum Gulet Cruise

Bodrum, formerly known as Halicarnassus, is the most popular district of Mugla city in southwestern Turkey. It is defined as "the land of eternal blues" with its vast and clear blue seas. It is famous for its white houses, Bodrum Castle, beaches and coves. In addition, it takes less than 1 hour to reach Kos Island from Bodrum by ferry. You can visit Kisebuku, Mazi, English Harbor, Orak Island, Cokertme, Turkbuku, Gumusluk, Yalikavak, Bitez, Gokova, Hisaronu Gulf and the Greek islands such as Kos, Symi, Rhodes, Leros, Kalymnos. Gulet Cruise Bodrum is a very popular holiday option especially for couples, small groups and families. 

Greek Islands Gulet Cruise

You can rent an entire gulet charter for privet cruise around Greek islands or join a regular gulet cruise in Fethiye, Bodrum or Gocek, which they cruise to Greek islands from May to November. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Gulet cruise prices vary depending on some factors. While calculating the wage scale; The desired services, the type of the chartered boat, the rental period and the season preference are determined by considering the transparent price policy. Gulet charter prices in Turkey and the cost of luxury gulet cruises for the Greek islands vary depending on the peak season and early booking as well.
This period is usually a minimum of 2 hours for daily rentals. However, the long-term gulet cruise period is determined to be at least 7 days. However, this may vary in some exceptional circumstances.
The hygiene of the boats is our priority for all our guests. However, bringing pets to gulet cruises is generally subject to the captains approval. By the way, it is generally allowed - subject to cleaning rules.
Although almost similar services are provided, gulet cruise fees in Turkey are much lower than in Croatia and Greece.
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