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Who are we?
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Why Tekneveyat?

Tekneveyat was established in 2015 and in a short time we have increased our service diversity and the number of member boats and yachts with our experienced staff in both marketplace application software development and field sales.

In 2019, we became a part of HIFF Internet Investments Inc. and gained strength in the corporate sense.

In order to provide you with the most reliable and quality service, we have become a Group A Travel Agency affiliated with TÜRSAB ( Association of Turkish Travel Agencies ), and we have also received the Ship Agency Authorization Certificate from the Ministry of Transport.

We currently provide you with hourly, daily & weekly boat, gulet, motor yacht, catamaran and sailing rental services, we also organise activities such as blue cruises, fishing, daily sightseeing and swimming tours, hen & stag parties, marriage proposals, birthdays, corporate meetings and dinners.

We can protect our seas while enjoying the wonderful blessings it offers us.

The seas produce almost half the oxygen we breathe and become a source of life for us. It is also very important for the climate system by affecting the atmosphere and regulating the temperature.

Almost a quarter of our world is surrounded by water, and we, as Tekneveyat, consider “Sustainable Maritime” at the top of our core values.

We can list the main principles we have determined in order to protect our seas and support all living things as follows:

We remind our customers and boat owners that we work by complying with the dates, regions and limits when fishing bans are in place during fishing tours.

We underline that the rules should be followed in the discharge of boat wastes and the bilges of boats, and we support their proper implementation.

We make recommendations to our guests about shopping for menus in a way to avoid waste on yacht tours.

We inform our guests who participate in diving tours about respecting underwater creatures and make necessary warnings.

We inform our guests and business partners about swimming and activities on the beach in areas with breeding grounds so that sea turtles are not harmed.

We encourage boat owners to use cardboard, glass or metal tools instead of plastic equipment on boats.

We support the boat owners in separating all the materials that can be recycled and delivering them to recycling bins.

We do not work with boat owners who do not agree with these principles and do not show the necessary cooperation.

As the Tekneveyat team, we have made it our mission to bring together the lovers of the sea with all kinds of pleasures offered by deep blues and turquoise coasts..

We have hosted thousands of guests on our boats so far; we have organised both corporate and individual events, cruises and charters on a national and international scale.

We have successfully cooperated with travel agencies and our individual guests on Blue Cruises, Private Yacht Charters and Boat Rentals in domestic and foreign markets.

We have combined this knowledge, strength and experience with the latest technology facilities. We continue to serve, grow and raise our quality standards with hundreds of boats and yachts with different characteristics in Turkey and all over the world.