Kas and Kekova Daily Boat Tours

About Kas

Kas is a county on the west side of Antalya which is located nearly 200 kilometer from Antalya city center. It’s the 4th biggest district of Antalya in point of area. Besides standing out with tourism, Kas made a name with its history which dates back to 2000 BC. Kas district is also remembered by UNESCO and takes place in UNESCO World Heritage List. Aperlei, Xanthos and Antiphellos Ancient Cities are the historical places in this list.

Kas is in the Teke Peninsula and has a Mediterranean climate of hot, dry summers and warm, wet winters since it’s in the Mediterranean region. Transportation to Kas is far away by airway because it’s 148 kilometers from Muğla Dalaman Airport and 201 kilometeres from Antalya Airport. Don’t be discouraged by the distance after airport...There are buses from both airports to Kas or you can rent a car from the airport. Also some hotels give a transfer service to their guests.

You will get enough of the history of the town, canyons, seasides, various sports and sea when you come to Kas. In summer, temperature is above 30° degrees, temperature felt increase with the 60% rate of humidity. You should not stay outside very long at noon and it will be healthier to swim  in the morning and after 2 pm. According to the 2018 data, the population of Kas is around 58000. This figure is increasing considerably as  tourists invade Kas.

Kas is a nice place to go for boat trips. You can visit the surrounding islands and bays by taking daily boat trips. The most well-known daily boat tour in Kas is between Kas and Kekova.

Although Kekova is located close to Demre district, you can also go through Kas. Kekova, which is an island part, is provided by boats or boats. There are no habitats on Kekova Island which consists of rocks. There are only hostels and aparts which you can accomodate. Besides, daily visitors come come to island where cafes are located. Former name of the island located in Kalekoy and Ucagiz offshore. The island shelters many historical beauties.

Simena Bay, Yaglica Bay, Camlik Bay, Wreck City, Tersane Bay, Aquarium Bay, İnonu Bay are among the places can be visited with daily boat tours. Simena Bay, Yaglica Bay, Camlik Bay, Wreck City boat tours take 8 hours in average. The reasonable level of prices is welcomed by people who want to attend the tour. Lunch is included in the prices of daily tours starting from Kas. You can swim in the bay and island where you visit with the boat tour. Also, you may need to take a camera or underwater camera when you go to Kekova with boat tour. The Wreck City here offers you a unique experience and sheds light on history. You can explore the historical ruins under water by swimming in Kekova.

There are not only daily boat trips in Kas and Kekova , you can also consider a holiday for a few days or a week by renting gulets or sailboats. They are in Kas center or marina can provide you a pleasant day. Of course, we recommend you to visit our website for booking and weekly yacht renting options.

When planning for your holiday, make sure to include boat tours on your budget. Wherever you've gone, don't miss the opportunity to take a boat trip if you're planning a holiday at the coastline.

You can check our Kaş Kekova Daily Boat Tour page to go on a boat tour in the Kaş region.

Whether daily, private or long tours, you can make a difference for your holiday. You can see many beautiful places that you cannot reach by highway. After seeing them people regret because of not participating in boat tours before. An opportunity is born for you to visit unspoiled bays, various islands, natural beauties  with boat tours. In addition, when you join the boat tours you don’t deprive the pleasure of the sea. You can also swim and swim in the places you go. You can look for different routes and routes through tekneveyat.com and you can choose a boat trip that suits your holiday plan. Enjoy your holiday with a boat trip...

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