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Sogut Travel Guide - Bays & Beaches

You can visit Söğüt by visiting Marmaris, considered the wonderful Aegean and Mediterranean junction point. We can say that Marmaris Söğüt village beach is one step ahead of other touristic places with its undiscovered location. Söğüt, which will fascinate you with its ancient cities, unique island, and bays, will allow you to have a nice vacation in every sense.

With the Marmaris Söğüt travel guide, we have prepared for you the points you can visit before the Söğüt plan. Let's examine the points you should visit during your Söğüt trip together.

Sogut Places to Visit

Sogut Village

Söğüt Village, one of the first stops of Marmaris Söğüt, is perfect for those looking for silence and calmness. We can say that Söğüt Village, a small village, will fascinate you with its accommodation areas, stone beach, and stone houses. In Söğüt, where you can immerse yourself in the cool sea in the summer heat, you can relieve the tiredness of the whole year by walking around the village center in the winter accompanied by warm weather.

Saranda Ancient City

You can witness that Söğüt was also used as a settlement during the Roman and Byzantine periods with the Ancient City of Saranda located in Söğüt Village. You can also have information about the past of Söğüt by visiting Saranda Ancient City, where you can see some historical ruins today.

Loryma Ancient City

You can crown your Marmaris Söğüt trip by visiting the ancient city of Loryma in Bozburun Neighborhood. You can crown your vacation with this Loryma Ancient City where you can find both historical ruins and a unique nature view together.

Bozukkale Bay

We can say that Bozukkale Bay, which is surrounded by small mountains, is a frequent destination for those who visit Marmaris Söğüt. Bozukkale Bay, which is one of the favorite places especially for those who make Söğüt boat tours or those who rent a boat for a long stay, is one of the places you should visit with its unique sea and quiet calmness.

Söğüt Island

You can witness a different shade of blue on Söğüt Island, where you can experience the Maldives within the borders of Turkey. The sea's glassy texture and the sea sand's silky feel are one of the unique charms of Söğüt Island. You will have a good time on this island, which is frequently visited by boat tours during your Söğüt trip.

Taşlıca Village

Taşlıca Village, which is very close to Marmaris Söğüt, is one of the places to visit and see. You can see the Temple of Apollo and the ruins of the Hellenistic Period in Taşlıca Village, located in the Bozburun Peninsula. You can also observe that Söğüt offers a cultural holiday apart from the sea vacation by visiting Taşlıca Village.

Serçe Harbor

Swimming around a small harbor among the pine trees can bring a different experience to your vacation. You can also crown the day by having a nice meal with the restaurants and cafes. If you have time, we recommend visiting Serçe Harbor to witness the fishing boats landing on the water.

Korsan Bay

If you have time, we recommend visiting Pirate Bay, which you can only reach by sea during your Marmaris Söğüt trip. Especially in Söğüt boat tours, this bay, where boats sometimes enter and anchor, is where pirates spent the winter months in history. Pirate Bay, a natural marina, is home to clear and clear water thanks to its structure surrounded by hills.

Ciftlik Bay

If you want to enjoy the sea in Söğüt fully, you can do this by swimming in Çiftlik Bay. We can say that Çiftlik Bay in Marmaris Söğüt will fascinate you with its beautiful beach, deep blue sea, and activity areas.

Where is Sogut?

We can say that Söğüt Village, which is connected to the Marmaris district of Muğla, is located in the southern part of Marmaris. It will be enough to follow the signs to reach Söğüt, 40 km from Marmaris. You can easily find yourself like Sogut Village before coming to Bozburun after Selimiye. Söğüt, which is an average of 1 hour from Marmaris, is an average of 2 hours from the center of Muğla.

Where to Stay in Sogut Village?

During your Marmaris Söğüt trip, you can plan your accommodation with peace of mind. Unlike many sightseeing spots, you will not encounter 5-star hotels in Söğüt Village. Instead, you can stay in boutique hotels and pensions that are integrated with nature and add a different atmosphere to Söğüt. In addition, you can meet your accommodation at affordable prices in Söğüt, where there are special areas for camping and caravan enthusiasts.

What to Eat in Söğüt?

After staying in Söğüt Village, we can say that a meal is indispensable for the holiday and befits the holiday. In Söğüt, you can often see the seafood accompanying the Aegean and Mediterranean cuisine on your table. You can find many dishes from local Yoruk breakfast to octopus salad and local fast food products such as meatball bread.

It is possible to find a restaurant for every pocket in Söğüt. You can eat in a shabby artisan restaurant or a first-class restaurant. Thanks to its unspoiled nature and deep blue sea, we can say that no matter what you eat, you will burn calories as soon as possible.

Sogut Boat Tour

We can say that one of the must-haves in Marmaris Söğüt travel guide is Söğüt boat tour. To fully experience Söğüt, observing it over the sea rather than on land would be more accurate. For this reason, you can make your vacation even more enjoyable by participating in Söğüt boat tours. In Söğüt, you can shape your vacation by renting a boat for a day or a longer stay.

Thanks to the boat tours you will join, you can enjoy the sea, sand, and sun by closely seeing the ancient cities and bays.

Sogut Boat Tour Prices

Now that you have learned the points you can visit with Söğüt boat tours, we can examine what you wonder about boat selection and tour prices. As with everywhere, traveling by boat in Söğüt will allow you to experience unforgettable and fun moments. Söğüt boat tour prices may vary depending on the structure of the boat, the number of days you want to rent, or daily tours. In addition, the architectural structure of the boat, personnel demand, and extra bay excursion demands also cause changes in the prices of boat tours.

You can visit our page for boat tours in Marmaris Söğüt and examine the beautiful gulet, catamaran, motor yacht, and sailboat options. Contact us on 0531 367 65 76 for reservations.

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