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Gökçeada Travel Guide - Bays and Beaches

The pearl of the Aegean Sea, Gökçeada, is Turkey's last border in the west. If you plan a vacation on this beautiful island where the sun sets, you can read the information we have prepared in-depth about the places to visit, beaches, and bays. Thanks to the Gökçeada travel guide, you can plan the points you will see on your vacation in advance, shape your accommodation, and predict your encounters.

Let's examine the Gökçeada trip article we have prepared for you.

Places to Visit in Gökçeada

Although Gökçeada consists of villages, it is home to natural wonders and an island appearance. We can say that Gökçeada, which hosts many places to visit, will fascinate you with its beaches.

Gökçeada City Museum

You can take an in-depth journey into the past of the island with Gökçeada City Museum, one of the first places you will visit in the Gökçeada travel guide. You can open a different window to your vacation by witnessing the historical and socio-cultural past of the island in the museum. Open only on weekdays.

Greek Villages in Gökçeada

You can witness the mystical atmosphere of Gökçeada by visiting the Greek Villages where many Greeks still reside. You can get lost in the streets of the Greek Villages called Bademli, Zeytinli, Tepeköy, Dereköy, and Kaleköy and take great photos. Conversing with the Greeks, still living in the stone houses is also possible.

Gökçeada Tepeköy Çınaraltı

Tepeköy Çınaraltı, where you can observe the view of Greece on the one hand and the view of the Aegean Sea on the other, is among the sightseeing spots in Gökçeada. You can spend time sipping your tea in the shade of the plane tree on the hill with the view. We can also say that it is one of the coolest spots in Gökçeada on hot summer days. To get an unforgettable experience, you can go out in the evening to watch the sunset with your loved one.

Salt Lake    

Another mystical place in Gökçeada travel guide is Salt Lake. You can spend an unforgettable vacation by visiting this lake, formed from the sand sets building a wall. Especially if you are a photography enthusiast, you can get plenty of great photos in this lake, the accommodation point of flamingos, with the rainwater filling the lake in the fall months. You can also get a different experience by accompanying the locals walking in Salt Lake during the full moon.

Gökçeada Underwater National Park

Who doesn't want to dive into Turkey's first and only underwater national park and spend a nice vacation? Thanks to this underwater park, which is among the places to visit in Gökçeada, you can enjoy diving into your vacation. By attacking this underwater national park where many sea creatures are accommodated, you can learn more about the hosts of the island.

Cheese Rocks

You can visit Peynir Kayalıkları, which is 15 minutes away from Kaleköy Harbor, by boat and reach the most popular point of places to visit in Gökçeada. We can state that you can listen to the legendary story of Peynir Kayalıkları while examining it closely, and you will not get enough of looking at this natural landscape. On the wavy and windy side of Gökçeada, these rocks are a short distance of 5 minutes from Kuzu Harbor.

Gökçeada Rock Tombs

You can complete a cultural tour by visiting the rock tombs, showing that Gökçeada has an older history. These rock tombs, unknown from which period, consist of two tombs formed by a large rock. If you have time and want a different experience, we can say it is one of the points you can visit.

Gokceada Beaches and Bays

If you want to enjoy the sea, sand, and sun during your trip to Gökçeada, you can relieve the tiredness of the whole year by spending time on the perfect beaches. Thanks to the beaches and bays in Gökçeada, you can have an unforgettable vacation with Gökçeada boat tour. Some of the points where you can swim in Gökçeada are;

  • Aydıncık Beach
  • Laz Bay
  • Yuvali Beach
  • Secret Harbor
  • Yildizkoy
  • Marmaros
  • Kuzulimani Beach

Where and how to go to Gökçeada?

One of the most frequently asked questions for Gökçeada travel guide is where and how to get to Gökçeada. Although Gökçeada is a district of Çanakkale, land transportation is impossible. Although it has one airport, the ferry is the most frequently used mode of transportation to the island. You can easily reach Gökçeada thanks to the car ferries departing from Kabatepe Harbor in the Kabatepe Region of Eceabat. The ferry, which you can take with your car, takes an average of 2 hours. After a 2-hour journey, you can reach Gökçeada and enjoy your vacation.

Where to stay in Gökçeada?

We can say that you have many accommodation options during your trip to Gökçeada. On the island, which hosts many types of accommodation, you can stay in the form of a hotel, boutique hotel, camping, or caravan. We can also say that staying in the hostels hosted by stone houses is very pleasant. In addition, you can rent a boat for a long stay by taking advantage of Gökçeada boat rental services.

What to eat in Gökçeada?

Unlike many other islands, Gökçeada can put many kinds of flavors on the tables due to its high population and preserved nature. You can start the day perfectly with an Aegean breakfast in Gökçeada. In addition, you can have a nice dinner by tasting countless seafood and experiencing the olive oil dishes unique to the Aegean. You can have a nice meal with your loved ones with freshly caught fish.

Gökçeada Boat Tour

Thanks to Gökçeada boat tours, where you can both dive and enjoy the sea, you can get a different experience and plan to come to Gökçeada again. While enjoying a boat tour in Gökçeada, which hosts many bays and beaches, you can look at the island's mystical structure over the sea. You can check our website in detail for Gökçeada boat tours.

Gökçeada Boat Tour Prices

We can say that one of the most frequently asked questions for Gökçeada boat tour is price information. As in every region, the prices of boat tours may vary in Gökçeada. Whether the tour will be a day tour or a long-stay boat rental, the architectural structure of the boat and the number of personnel required may cause price differences in boat tours. If you want to enjoy a boat tour while you are in Gökçeada, you can check our Gökçeada boat tours page, and if you are considering renting a boat, you can contact us at 0531 367 65 76 or by filling out the contact form.

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