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Datça Travel Guide

Datça, one of the special holiday resorts of the Aegean, offers four seasons to be enjoyed separately. Although it resembles a quiet town in the winter months, it is one of the destinations where many people prefer to get away and store energy. In the summer, Datça is a town where the blue waters and the sun impress people.

Datça is a place that can leave a different impression with its bays, beaches, hotels, activities, and nature. You can discover this difference more closely with the Datça travel guide. Let's find out what to do and where to visit in Datça in detail.

How to get to Datça?

If you have decided to go to Datça, it is possible to come from the city by road or air. If you prefer to go by air, there is no airport in Datça. For this reason, you can reach Datça by landing at Milas-Bodrum Airport, ring services, taking a taxi, or renting a car.

If you want to come by highway, you must set off towards Muğla.  Then, you can easily reach Datça by continuing via Marmaris. You will travel on the road with the most beautiful nature and a protected ecosystem.

Datça Places to Visit

It would not be possible without mentioning the places to visit in the Datça travel guide. Therefore, we can say that there are also beautiful touristic places in Datça. You can get more detailed information about Datça by visiting many historical or natural spots.

Datça City Center - Old Datça

Although you may say how much you can visit the center of a district. However, getting lost in the streets of this beautiful town consisting of three neighborhoods, sitting in cafes, and storing energy in the streets with stone houses will give you a great feeling. When you plan to go to Datça, it would be better to spend your first day here for Datça trip.

Knidos Ancient City

You can also include the ancient city of Knidos, where you can easily learn about the history of Datça and even the region's history. In this ancient city, which you can easily reach from a narrow asphalt road, you can witness historical artifacts and Datça in the Ancient Greek and Roman periods. You can also visit Knidos Ancient City and see Knidos Hillside Houses, Knidos Castle, and Knidos Lighthouse. If you have time, you can also cool off by entering the sea from the bay in the same region.

Apollon Sanctuary

You can also visit Apollon Sanctuary, another historical place in Datça travel guide. You can closely examine an ancient city in this archaeological site on the Marmaris Datça road. You can also see the tools used in religious rituals and many archaeological artifacts that shed light on the period. If you have time, you can go to Sarı Liman Bay and enjoy the sea.

Datça Historical Windmills

In addition to sea tourism in Datça, we said there are many places for historical tourism. Another one of them is the Datça Historical Windmill. There are 6 of these historical windmills, some of which serve as restaurants and wine houses. If you want a nice lunch or dinner, we can say a nice place awaits you after a short journey.

International Academy of Knidos Culture and Art

You can find many different points in Datça. "International Cnidos Culture and Art Academy," which stands out with its difference in the Datça travel guide, is one of them. In this art academy, where the works of many artists are exhibited, you can find both open and closed exhibitions. We recommend you spend a short time in this place, allowing you to meet with art in the middle of nature.

Datça Bays and Beaches

We can say that Datça is a town suitable for making your summer vacation unforgettable with its bays and beaches. Datça, which stands out with its many bays, offers more than one option for those who come for vacation with stony and sandy beaches. You can enjoy the sea and sun at many points, such as Aquarium Bay, Armutlu Bay, Palamutbükü Bay, and Ovabükü Beach.

Click to get more information about Datça bays and beaches in the Datça travel guide and to reach our specially prepared article.

What to do in Datça?

You do not need to make a special effort to make your Datça vacation fun. Because we can say that Datça offers you many opportunities to do with all its activities and entertainment, it has details that will make your vacation unforgettable.

If you are looking for calmness, you can experience a different holiday experience in Datça in every season. You can stroll through the streets that give life to old stone houses and share the magnificent dishes of the Aegean in its restaurants. Apart from that, we can say that it is a separate pleasure to watch the sunset either on the beach or among the trees in Datça.

Apart from that, you can think about the beauty of its bays and beaches and wonder when your vacation is over. By entering the sea in the bays where the preserved nature and blue waters meet, you can easily get rid of the tiredness of the whole year, and you may not want to go on the way back.

Apart from all these, another activity you can do with a Datça travel guide is a boat tour. You can take a boat tour to swim in the bays of Datça or explore the bays of nearby towns such as Marmaris. You can easily enjoy Datça with a daily or weekly boat tour and store energy in its bays.

We tried to inform you about Datça; you can visit our page for blue cruise and boat rentals in Datça, view the beautiful gulet, motor yacht, and sailboat options, and contact us at 0531 367 65 76 for a reservation.

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