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Dalyan Travel Guide

One of the holiday resorts that Turks have only recently shown interest in is Dalyan district in Muğla. The region has a very old history belonging to the Greeks. The district, which has a special name as a Greek fishing village, became a place where Turks lived over time due to the settlement of Turks from the Balkans. Although the region is known as a place where Turks have lived throughout history, today, it is mostly frequented by the British.

Dalyan Muğla is a place that has the feature of fascinating those who see it with its natural beauty. The region, home to various biologically diverse creatures, appeals to those who want to enjoy nature with its ornate canals. The natural beauties in the district increase the touristic value of the region together with the heritage from history.

Where are the Places to Visit in Dalyan?

There are many interesting places to visit in the region. Making a nature trip or a historical trip in the district is possible. Apart from that, the area has many alternatives for those wanting to vacation. For those who prefer to have a holiday, Dalyan Hostels host tourists with great devotion at affordable prices. The historical buildings in the district attract attention as important works that attract many tourists every year. With the British showing interest in the region, it is possible to say that the British population is increasing daily.

1- Kaunos Ancient City

Kaunos is one of the commercially important cities in ancient times... Since it is a port city, it is also a region where commercial activities were carried out intensively in the past. Dalyan is a special city hosting trade ships along the coast for years. From the past to the present, Kaunos has lost its feature of being a port due to the accumulation of alluvium on the sea.

There seems to be nothing left of the port city but a great history. The top step of the historic theatre in the ancient city should be climbed because there is a unique view from the top step of the theatre. The view from the ancient city of Kaunos brings incredible happiness to those who witness it. In addition, the Dalyan rock tomb is also located in this region.

2- Iztuzu Beach

You cannot go to the region and not sunbathe on a pleasant beach. Iztuzu Beach is the right address for this. Dalyan Iztuzu has a 4.5 kilometer long beach. Iztuzu, home to Caretta Carettas, is known as "Turtle Beach" because of this feature. Every year, Caretta Carettas lay their eggs in Iztuzu. Since the places where the eggs are located are specially marked, it is possible to contribute to the protection of the eggs.

To protect the turtles, it is forbidden to turn on lights and make loud noises on the beach at certain hours. There is a distance of 12 kilometres between the beach and the district. Due to its natural beauty, Iztuzu Beach welcomes many tourists from the Aegean and Mediterranean. A certain fee is required to enter the beach and rent a sunbed.

To give good news to those who want to go to Iztuzu Beach with their private vehicle, there is a paid parking lot for those who come to the beach. It is possible to reach the beach by boat and road.

3- Sülüngür Lake

Sülüngür Lake can also be recommended for those who want to witness memorable natural beauties in the district. Sülüngür Lake, on the right side on the way to Iztuzu Beach, offers a great atmosphere for those who love picnics. You can experience wonderful moments by making nostalgia on wooden seats with a view of the lake and lighting a natural barbecue.

Besides picnics, bicycle tours and hiking around Lake Sulüngür are among the most preferred activities. The area around the lake, an ideal place to relieve stress by walking among the pine trees, welcomes many tourists yearly. Since the lake and its surroundings attract a lot of attention, picnickers may be advised to go to the lake early in the morning to grab a seat.

4- Lycian Rock Tombs/ Kaunos Rock Tombs

Dalyan rock tombs are an example of unique structures in ancient times... Kaunos Rock Tombs offers a fascinating atmosphere thanks to its visuality. The rock tombs, located in three different places, can be viewed pleasantly with a boat tour.

For those who do not want to watch the rock tombs on a boat tour, tea gardens opposite the rock tombs can be recommended. It is known that the rock tombs carved into the high mountains belonged to the kings of the period. 

5- Ekincik Bay

Ekincik Bay can also be recommended as a place to visit for those looking for an unforgettable atmosphere. Ekincik Bay, which has a sea as clear as glass, attracts visitors' attention with its lush vegetation.

The number of commercial enterprises in the region is increasing day by day. For those looking for fresh seafood, the restaurants in Ekincik Bay can be a good choice. Ekincik, an old Yoruk village, has the status of a coastal neighbourhood with a population of approximately 400.

6- Sultaniye Hot Springs

Sultaniye Hot Springs, which dates back to ancient times, is a natural formation used by Kaunos before Christ. Thanks to the healing water in the hot springs, getting rid of many ailments is possible. The hot springs are a place that can be evaluated for a long time as health tourism for those looking for Dalyan accommodation. In the region, which hosts many tourists every year in terms of health, there is also the possibility of healing mud baths. Dalyan hotels in the district also make important contributions to the district in terms of income.

Dalyan Boat Tour

The district has many alternatives for those who want to experience an unforgettable boat tour. Many private boat tour companies are serving in the district. Each tour has a different route. Within the scope of the boat tour:

  • Iztuzu Beach,
  • Kargicak Bay
  • Kaunos Ancient City,
  • Ekincik Bay,
  • Sultaniye Hot Spring and many other places can be visited.

Depending on the demand, it is possible to participate in long or short-distance boat tours. However, no matter which boat tour you prefer, you should have a camera. Because you will want to take pictures of all the natural beauties you will see while taking a Dalyan boat tour without wasting time.

If you want to enjoy a boat tour while you are in Dalyan, you can check our boat tours page, and if you are considering renting, you can contact us at 0531 367 65 76 or by filling out the contact form.

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