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What to do in case of an emergency on a Blue Cruise?

Blue cruise emergencies are important problems that passengers and tour companies do not want. A boat can face all kinds of malfunctions and problems that can be experienced while in the middle of the waters. In such cases, experienced and expert tour teams take many precautions. However, there are still different works that need to be done extra for both passengers and crew. Let's examine together what are the emergencies that may occur on blue tours and what should be done in these situations. 

What is a Blue Cruise? 

By answering the question of what is a blue cruise, we would like to address the problems that can be experienced on a blue cruise. Blue cruise is a type of travel option that allows you to visit different locations with boats and yachts with a capacity of 2-20 people. In our country, Bodrum, Marmaris, Göcek, Fethiye, Greek Islands, and Antalya are the regions where blue tours are organized the most. These tours are organized almost every hour of the day. One of the most beautiful aspects of these tours is the opportunity to visit and see beautiful and pleasant bays. In addition, there are also opportunities such as getting off the boat in the areas visited and meeting the needs. 

Emergencies that may occur on a Blue Cruise

The blue cruise is a very enjoyable activity where you can spend a full time at the same time. There are generally no serious problems or dangers on these tours. However, sometimes, problems that we can express as emergencies may be encountered. For these situations, some solutions will save the situation. Some of the problems that can be experienced on the boat or on the tour itself in general on a blue cruise are as follows:

Lack of Emergency Food and Beverage Supplies 

Blue cruise food has always been one of the curious situations. Generally, the food on tours is cooked by the cook on the boat. Sometimes, you can eat by stopping on certain routes. In addition to these, there may be problems such as lack of food and drink and lack of materials on the blue cruise. For such situations experienced on blue tours, market, service, and boat support are received. The staff reaches the nearest port and buys the missing and necessary materials. 

Health Problems

Health problems are the most serious emergency when it comes to blue voyages. Especially when you are on the high seas and far away from land, a health emergency needs to be resolved as early as possible. For such emergencies on blue cruises, options such as emergency air ambulance and helicopter are generally used. Patients who have health problems and need urgent intervention can be taken to the nearest health institution thanks to these options. For minor injuries, there are first aid materials on the boat, and the injury can be treated immediately in this way. 

Boat Breakdown 

The blue cruise boat is definitely subjected to the necessary controls before the tour starts and the tour is started in this way. However, despite this, sometimes unwanted malfunctions and problems may occur. This situation should not worry you too much. If the boat breaks down, technical service support will be applied and intervened immediately. In some cases, passengers can be transferred to another boat. As a result, there will be no attitude or behavior that may endanger your life. If the malfunction on the boat is simple, it will be repaired immediately, and the blue tour will continue.

Land Transportation to the City 

Another important issue on blue voyages is how you can reach the cities once you reach land. For these situations, taxis can be preferred as standard travel options. Sometimes you will have difficulty finding a taxi, or if you want a more comfortable option, airport transfer services can also be preferred. Another important option that you will feel the most comfortable and best is to contact rent-a-car companies and rent a car. 

Emergencies on blue cruise tours are situations that should be taken seriously, and necessary precautions should be taken. Both tour companies and passengers must take the necessary precautions and go on a blue cruise accordingly. 

Things to Consider When Joining a Blue Cruise

When you want to participate in a blue cruise, you can take some precautions for possible dangerous situations. These precautions and things you should pay attention to when joining the tour in general;

  • Choose professional and experienced tour companies.
  • Have medical supplies and food with you to use in case of emergency.
  • If you are taking regular medication or have a chronic health problem, be sure to inform your doctor beforehand.
  • If you are going on a blue cruise for the first time, you prefer shorter and closer tours.

You can pay attention to the points mentioned above in order to be less damaged in case of blue cruise emergencies or to minimize the possibility of these emergencies.

You can find all the details and questions you may have in mind about going on a blue cruise anywhere in Turkey on our Blue Cruise page. You can also examine the beautiful gulet, catamaran, motor yacht, and sailboat options from each other, and you can contact us at 0531 367 65 76 for reservations.

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