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Best Blue Cruise Destinations in Turkey

Turkey is one of the world's leading countries not only for a good vacation but also for sea tourism. The Aegean, Mediterranean, Black Sea, and Marmara all have their beauty and touch, and you can plan your vacation according to the season you are going to.

June, July, and August are the most active months for the sea and especially for blue tours. Organized beaches and unmanaged bays in Turkey are visited by large and small boats within the scope of blue tours. By enjoying the sea to the fullest, you have the best vacation opportunity without ever touching land.

What is Blue Cruise?

Blue Cruise, also known as Blue Cruise, is the name given to sea tours with different boats, usually lasting one week. Blue tours are made on a certain route.

Blue tours are not only a beauty unique to our country. In these tours, untouched natural beauty can be seen as well as travel to different countries from Turkey is organized. Blue tours usually start in April and continue until the end of October. The most active periods are June-July and August.

The most organized and most preferred blue cruise routes in Turkey are listed below.

Bodrum Blue Cruise

Bodrum is one of the districts that ranks first in the Blue Cruise preference due to its location. Boats departing from Bodrum usually visit all the bays of Bodrum for five days and share the natural beauty with their visitors. Bodrum Gökova ranks first among Bodrum tours. Bodrum Gökova is an ideal option for those who want to rent gulet boats and sailboats as it receives plenty of wind. Bodrum Hisarönü Bay is among the ideal options for Bodrum tour lovers. Blue tours are organized from Bodrum not only to the surrounding bays but also to other countries. Bodrum Northern Greek Islands Bodrum and Bodrum Southern Greek Islands Bodrum tours are also among the preferred options.

You can visit our website about Bodrum Blue Cruise and examine the trip plans of tour companies.

Gocek Blue Cruise

  • Gocek Fethiye Gocek

Göcek has always had a special place when it comes to vacation. In Göcek, where pine forests are dense, perfect nature awaits visitors, while beautiful bays will welcome those who will join the blue cruise. The most important feature of Göcek is that there are many virgin bays. The companies that organize the route between Göcek Fethiye and Göcek provide their guests with the opportunity to enjoy the cruise and the sea by going around different islands. While tours departing from Göcek are usually made with 7-night gulets, it is among the most preferred blue tours for families with children. Since the cruising time is less on this tour, there is more opportunity to visit the islands in a row.

  • Göcek Marmaris Göcek

Marmaris tours departing from Göcek are also among the most preferred blue voyages. Different options are offered to visitors on the blue cruise, with boats suitable for every budget. By using facilities such as cabin rental and Gulet rental, you can participate in blue cruise trips between Göcek and Marmaris Göcek.

Marmaris Blue Cruise

  • Marmaris Fethiye Marmaris

There are many bays and beaches in Marmaris, which has always fascinated with its natural beauties and bays to be discovered. Marmaris Fethiye Marmaris boat tours, which are among the most preferred programs of blue cruises, will also provide visitors with the opportunity to see the bays that will fascinate them. The boats departing from Marmaris will make visitors happy with the long tour while moving towards Fethiye.

  • Marmaris Datça Marmaris

Blue tours organized between Marmaris Datça Marmaris are very popular especially in June-July and August. The most important feature of the blue tour trips is that the visitors get enough of the sea. You will enjoy the sea and beautiful bays within a week without your feet touching the land. The service to be received according to the boat to be selected may be different. You can examine the organizations of tour boats between Marmaris Datça Marmaris from our site.

Fethiye Blue Cruise

  • Fethiye Gocek Fethiye

The route of the blue tours departing from Fethiye is determined as three nights and four days. Thanks to the gulets to be rented, families will be comfortable with their children, while sightseeing enthusiasts will frequent the islands in Göcek. You will not have time to get bored during your 1-week vacation in Göcek bays. It is possible to see every shade of blue in the sea on tours between Fethiye and Göcek Fethiye. While the bays with unique beauties greet visitors lined up like pearls, the magnificent beauty of nature will leave an insatiable taste to the guests.

  • Fethiye Kekova Fethiye

Fethiye Kekova Fethiye Tours also hosts trips organized for seven days. Although it is a long route, the ancient cities and ruins to be seen while traveling will fascinate the guests on the route. Blue tour points such as Kekova and Kalkan are among the most preferred tour programs, especially by celebrities. Although it is not possible to rent a private boat within the scope of this tour, you can depart from Demre or Fethiye with a cabin rental service.

The seawater between Fethiye and Kekova is warmer than the Aegean Sea. Those who want to swim in the bays and stops along the route can enjoy the sea more comfortably. Aquarium Bay, located around the island of Kekova, is among the must-visit places, while the most beautiful color tu, turquoise, will also show itself in this bay. It is not possible to find the taste of waking up with goat sounds in the morning around the island of Kekova.

  • Fethiye Marmaris Fethiye

Fethiye Marmaris Fethiye tours are known as two-way blue cruises. This round-trip blue cruise lasts for one week. It is also possible to see beautiful bays within the scope of the blue cruise, where one way is determined as four days. The sea between Fethiye and Marmaris is waveless. It is possible to enjoy the sea thanks to swimming breaks.

What to do on a Blue Cruise?

The most important feature of blue tours is to enjoy the sea and sports while traveling. While enjoying sports by diving in the bays where you stay, you can see different natural beauties in every route you go. On blue cruises, you can do all the activities you want, from fishing to photography.

Blue tours vary according to the boat and tour companies to be chosen. For this, the activities to be held on the tours are determined by the tour companies. When you visit our site, you can see the different blue tour routes organized by tour companies. You can also shape your organization by making your planning within the scope of the tour you choose.

Blue Cruise Prices

Blue cruise prices vary according to the type of boat to be chosen and your route. These tour routes mentioned above are among the most preferred blue voyages in Turkey. You can learn all the issues you wonder about prices by contacting us.

If you want to go on a blue cruise in Turkey, you can visit our page for Blue Cruise and examine the beautiful gulet, catamaran, motor yacht and sailboat options and contact us on 0531 367 65 76 for reservations.

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