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Food and Beverage on Blue Cruise

Do you want to leave the stress of the city behind and have a new experience with your loved ones? If you are looking for something much different than the hotel vacations and nature trips you have been going on for years, how about going on a blue cruise? You can enjoy the seas by going on a blue cruise to create a time for you to enjoy yourself.  

We know where we will stay, but what will we eat and drink? One of the first problems during vacations is finding a meal that is both convenient and comprehensive. For this reason, one of the first questions that arise in the minds of people participating in blue cruises is the blue cruise rations. Each model of boat used in blue cruises can be provided with a different food service. The reason for this is that the passenger capacity for the boat tour is different for each boat.

In this article, we will talk about the provisions service that will allow you to have a pleasant time on the boats that open to the endless blue of the seas and offer easy access to the food and drinks you want...

How is Food & Beverage Determined?

As enjoyable as the thought of going on vacation is, there are actually quite a few people who do not want to waste time on basic needs. For those who want to spend their time with family or friends and don't want to take care of anything else, the food problem can be a bit annoying if it is not easily solved...

For vacationers who want to spend the summer months dynamically with a different activity and who have taken up the hobby of traveling without being tied to a place, blue tours are a complete savior, especially in terms of food and drink! Why? Because the canteens provided on blue cruises are specially prepared by some companies that provide catering services. Thus, vacationers do not spend the first minutes of their vacation wondering "what to eat"!

The cooks on the boats prepare the meals on blue cruises according to pre-ordered lists, and sometimes passengers can create a ration according to their wishes with the opportunity to shop from outside.

How do we choose provisions?

We will not think about the food... That's great, but what do we pay attention to when preparing our list? What are the factors that determine the rations we choose or create?

There are actually several factors in this regard: the size of the boat, the route, the intensity of use, and the meal times determined by the boat management are effective in determining the food and drinks to be given in the kumany. While some blue cruise boats offer 2 meals, some tours offer three meals. Services where passengers determine their eating habits without meal times are also available for holidaymakers who want to live unplanned, unprogrammed, instantly and do not plan to adjust their vacation according to meal times.

Eating and Drinking Culture on Board 

Ration packs contain products from various food and beverage groups. These are products that may be needed for everyone, as well as products that appeal to different tastes in the ration lists.

Depending on the number of people and the desired food and beverages, a provision list is prepared according to the menu. In some boats, the shopping for provisions is done from chain grocery stores, or passengers do their shopping. Of course, in such a culture, the preparation and serving of food is free of charge for the boat journey.

Not only the food but also the drinks can be bought by the passengers who entered the boat, but if they wish, beverage rations can be provided by the chain markets that work on order. On some boats, beverage service is provided for a certain fee; it is useful to consult with the relevant people and keep this in mind before your vacation.

The beverage services of the boats can be alcoholic and non-alcoholic, and the rations can be organized accordingly. What is taken into consideration and prioritized when preparing blue cruise canteens is to meet the wishes of the passengers. So you don't have to worry about "what if I crave this and I can't find it!" :)

What is included in the rations?

One of the most important things for people is, of course, food. Healthy and satisfying meals are also very important for a pleasant vacation!

There are basic food and beverage products in the blue cruise rations. Legumes, fruits and vegetables, basic food, desserts, basic breakfast foods, milk and dairy products, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are offered to guests. You can order and pay for what you want from these lists according to your budget allocated for provisions shopping.

Is it only eaten on the boat? No...

The provisioning service on the boats rented by those who want to take a boat tour is tailored to their preferences and needs. However, for passengers who do not want to eat on the boat every day and want to spend time in different ports, the boat personnel anchor in preferred ports and offer the opportunity to eat there.

On chartered boats, it is sometimes not requested to provide alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages from outside. For this

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