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The Lycian Way

There is no need to look for an excuse to hike the Lycian Way, one of the hiking routes of many tourists worldwide. You can choose Lycian Way tours to walk through historical and natural beauties by witnessing the ecosystem. Starting from the Fethiye District of Muğla and continuing until Antalya, the name of the region before Christ, Lycia, was given for this road, and today, it has become a point preferred by both local and foreign tourists.

Let's take a look at the details of the Lycian Way together.

Where is the Lycian Way?

The Lycian Way starts from the "The Beginning of the Lycian Way" signboard in Ovacık, Fethiye. The Lycian Way ends in the town of Geyikbayırı, about 20 kilometres from the centre of Antalya. If you want to start the Lycian Way from Fethiye, you should prefer Dalaman Airport, and if you're going to start from Geyikbayırı, you should choose Antalya Airport.

How to get to the Lycian Way?

You must visit the Lycian Way if you want to witness unique landscapes and open the door to a different world by walking among nature. To reach the Lycian Way from your city, you can either land at any airport in Muğla and head towards Ölüdeniz, or you can go to Antalya and start from the point in Antalya.

How many km is the Lycian Way?

It is priceless that Lycia, which served as a Roman province in history, is used today as a road name and frequented by many travellers. We can say that the Lycian Way, which is among the top 10 hiking trails in the world in terms of distance, also makes a name for itself with the scenery it offers during the walk. You can start from Ölüzdeniz in Fethiye and end in Antalya or hike in the opposite direction between Antalya and Fethiye. The total distance of the Lycian Way is known as 555 km. It is possible to complete the entire route in 30 days by walking moderately. However, with the scenery and unique nature of the Lycian Way, you may want to camp a lot or take a break at the ruins. This can extend the duration of your walking route to days.

Lycian Way Route

The Lycian Way is important for Turkey's tourism in many respects. However, we can say that there is nothing on the Lycian Way route. Starting from the Fethiye district of Muğla, the Lycian Way continues until the Göynük and Beldibi regions of Antalya. Within the Lycian Way route, you can witness many natural beauties, unique landscapes, and natural life, You can get a different experience by walking among the important ancient cities of history.

Lycian Way Starting Point

As mentioned above, the Lycian Way's starting point varies according to your chosen route. If you want to walk the path from Muğla to Antalya, you can start from Fethiye and end the Lycian Way tour in Antalya. Or you can create your route from Antalya Beldibi and complete the Lycian Way in Ölüdeniz, which is connected to Fethiye. We can say that the Lycian Way is a path of natural beauty that will be completely shaped according to your wishes.

What are the Lycian Way Stages?

Among the most frequently asked questions in the research on the Lycian Way are the stages of the Lycian Way. Contrary to misinformation, there are no stages on the Lycian Way. Instead, you can create your route by finding paths and choosing the places you will stay among the Lycian Way hiking trails: Oludeniz, Hisarönü (Ovacık), Faralya, Kabak Bay, Alınca, Yediburunlar, Gavurağılı, Patara, Kalkan, Sarıbelen, Gökçeören, Kaş, Kekova, Demre, Alakilise, Finike, Gelidonya Lighthouse, Adrasan, Olympos, Çıralı, Tekirova, Gedelme, Geyikbayırı.

Lycian Way Travel Guide

For those who want to walk the Lycian Way, preparing a guidebook would be a good decision. Before visiting the Lycian Way, you should prepare well and plan how many days you will continue your route. It would help if you did not forget that you can end your walk at any of the towns along the route. In the preparation phase, take a good backpack, tent, mat, shoes or a durable sandal. It is especially important to have enough water with you during the hike. It is worth mentioning that you will be far from settlements except for some points on the Lycian Way. In addition, a mobile map that can work offline will also be very useful. You can take the first step on the Lycian Way with peace of mind by taking enough food and your first aid kit.

Ancient Cities on the Lycian Way

In addition to witnessing natural landscapes and natural life, you can easily see historical buildings and settlements on the Lycian Way. It is also possible to come across historical buildings in the region, home to Lydians, Romans and many historical Mediterranean civilizations. There are approximately 19 ancient cities on the Lycian Way. If you plan to walk from start to finish, you can see them all. However, suppose you are following a partial route. In that case, we recommend that you try to add the ancient cities we have listed according to the path you follow: Pınara, Letoon, Xanthos, Antiphellos, Simena, Myra ancient cities, Olympos and Phaselis are among the places you can see on the Lycian Way.

Lycian Way Tour

With the Lycian Way tour, walking this natural and mystical route in groups with supervisors and teams who know the way well is possible. We can say that this route, which will carry you to different points in every aspect, will enchant you with its ancient cities, lake and sea views as well as untouched settlements. You can especially come across nomadic life on this road. By joining the Lycian Way tours, you can complete this road with natural beauties in groups between certain dates.

Accommodation on the Lycian Way

Depending on your route, you can stay in hotels and motels or, if lucky, be a guest in a village house. However, mentioning that you can camp at numerous points on the Lycian Way would be appropriate. If you plan to camp, it will be healthy to determine your accommodation area and set up your tents before dark. While paying attention to the shade of the area where you will set up your tent, you should not ignore that it is an area that will not be affected by wind and sudden rainfall.

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