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A Weekend in Samos

Samos is a Greek island closer to Turkey (70 km from Izmir) than the Greek mainland. Samos can be reached from Turkey by ferries departing from Kusadasi. It takes approximately 45 minutes by ferry between Kusadasi and Samos. Samos, 476 m², quite mountainous and quite green, is full of local treasures among its history, great men and local productions.

"According to mythology, the island was, at a distant time, populated by ferocious animals: the Naiads or Meniads. Dionysus, God of the vine and wine, arrived on the island while pursuing the Amazons who had rejected his advances. He then asked for the help of the Samiotes to take revenge and killed them all. To thank the inhabitants, he taught them wine growing, gave them the vine that produces the wine of Samos and taught them how to prepare it. It is also said that the goddess Hera was born on the banks of the river Imbrasos, which flows south of the island and that it was there that she joined with the king of the gods, Zeus, becoming the protector of the island. "

A famous and internationally known island

The island is particularly famous for its production of red pottery (since ancient times), jewelry and bronze arts and crafts, its famous Malvasia wine, the best Greek Ouro, its tobacco, roses, olive oil and fruit. There is plenty to do to get drunk, to enjoy and to feel the whole of Greece on this island.

The island is also the home of famous Greeks: Pythagoras and others (Aristarchus, Epicurus, Herodotus and Aesop).

For boat lovers, the shipyards provide Greece with traditional fishing boats (Kaikia or Trehantiria).

A green and mountainous island

Samos is hilly in its center and dotted with rivers, waterfalls and forests. The most beautiful area is certainly the Valley of the Nightingales (a real paradise for nature lovers). And if you have the urge to experience nature at its heart, take a bath in the Karlovassi waterfalls, a splendid sight in the west of the island.

The mountain villages are charming and welcoming. They will be very interesting stops during your hikes or visits to the island. The "Island of Happiness" is easily accessible but it will be easier to go from one side to the other by renting a car or a scooter and especially to face the more uneven center which offers a more intimate discovery of the island.

Numerous towns and villages

There is no lack of opportunities to visit Samos. Vathy is a beautiful town with a splendid view of the bay, its narrow streets and its historical heritage make it unique. An important step in your discovery of the island. After your visit, take a break on the terrace of one of its many restaurants or cafes. Pythagorion will delight you with its historical monuments and archaeology. Ireon is an authentic fishing village. Pyrgos and Marathokambos are worth a visit. Karlovassi is a charming little town by the sea, with a measured tourist dimension that improves the offer of activities without suffering from too much affluence. Not far from the town, the waterfalls where you can swim and a Byzantine fortress will brighten up your stay.

Beaches and water sports

The beaches are numerous, wild or well developed. They are more often made up of pebbles rather than sand. But the choice is vast. To quote our favorites: Kokkari beach which is the best destination for surfing enthusiasts, lots of wind, a perfect offer of equipment. Do not choose it if you want a family beach: select Posidonia, Tsamadou, Papa Beach (near Ireon) or Psili Amos (in the North). The port and the beach of Agios Konstantinos are also worth a visit. Here it is absolutely calm! The harbor is splendid, a feeling of being the masters of the place emerges.

Several sports are practicable on the island: snorkeling, boating and visiting the Turkish coast, surfing, fishing...

The island of Samos is a unique, authentic and increasingly popular destination in Greece, both for local and foreign tourists. Close to the Turkish coast, you can combine the two destinations in one trip, starting with a visit to the Dardanelles or Izmir at a moment's notice thanks to daily boat departures.

Potami Beach

On arrival, a beautiful beach with turquoise water is waiting for you... This beach is really worth a visit. The deckchairs are of very good quality and the Greek people are very friendly! The material is free on condition that you drink in the small café which holds the beach. The snacks at 5 euros are not worth our fabulous durums, but the price is so ridiculous compared to the services that you will keep quiet!

On the other hand, the big white stones of the seaside make the first steps difficult. It seems to me that it is the same for many beaches on the island. So don't forget to take sea shoes.

What To Do?

The problem with Samos is that transportation is non-existent. Therefore, it is highly recommended to rent a car if you stay a few days.

  • You can go for short hikes and try to reach the waterfalls of Potami for example. On the other hand, it seems to me that the fountain is not very impressive. The hike, however, is very pleasant.
  • You can as well eat in fish restaurants and drink Uzo while listening to Greek music.
  • You can go see the archaeological museum or the wine museum as well as the monastery of Panagia Spiliani.
  • Also visit the cellars of Pythagoras if you have some time...

How To Get There?

You will take a ferry from Seferihisar with the company Samos Star. Departure at 8 am and return at 6 pm every day from June to September.

Rent a boat in Samos, Greece

Samos, a well-known Greek resort, has a lot of hidden beauties that may be seen by renting a boat. Samos is home to a variety of Aegean Sea beauties that are just waiting to be discovered on the boat of your choosing. You may enjoy the experience of a lifetime in this area, which is known for its lush flora, aromatic wine fragrances, and lovely beaches off the coast. You may easily locate the appropriate catamaran, sailboat, motor yacht, or speedboat of your choosing in one of Samos' many marinas.

To avoid the constant comings and goings of the mainland, consider renting a boat in Samos. There are several beautiful beaches on Samos, but a few stand out: Lemonakia, Psili Ammos, Kokkari, Potokaki, and Karlovassi, from where you can easily reach the Potami waterfalls. You may navigate the Mycale straits in a catamaran or sailboat while passing through the locations of the maritime conflicts between Persia and Greece in 479 BC.

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