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Kusadasi Daily Boat Tours

  • About Trips and Swimming Tours  - 28 March 2019

Daily Boat Tours in Kusadasi

We bring boat and yacht rental service to you in Kusadasi which is the most gorgeous towns in history in the Aegean region -the beautiful pearl of Turkey- in the most exclusive and comfortable way. You can have the opportunity of visiting and discovering the coastal towns like Dilek Peninsula, Ephesus and Sirince in precious town Kusadasi close by Izmir. You’re at the right address if you’re planning to enjoy a holiday with running away the stress of business. Boat and yacht rental service in Kusadasi generally starts at 9:00 in the morning and finishes at 16:00 in the afternoon. You can spend time with entertaining animations, parties and music all day, also you can enjoy swimming in the beautiful sea of Kusadasi.

What are the advantages in renting boats and yachts in Kusadasi?

You can rent a boat or a yacht to further improve your exquisite  vacation, to avoid the stress of business life or to release yourselves into beautiful chilly waters of Kusadasi. Furthermore, you can rent any time of the day or week and by doing so, indulge yourselves. Rental yachts and boats in Kusadasi is an extremely advantageous and exclusive service. Advantages that await you are:

  • Wonderful fishing and swimming activities at Kusadasi’s cool seas,
  • A tasty breakfast accompanied by an unforgettable sunset,
  • Getting to know ancient buildings, historical coastline and bays of Kusadasi,
  • Funfilled activities such as parties, swimming at the sea of Kusadasi,
  • Organizing your special evening like iftar dinner and graduation,
  • Enjoying the sunset and dinner in the unique view of the Aegean,
  • Crowning special evenings with your darling, including anniversaries, marriage proposals and business celebrations.

Thanks to rental boat and yachts in Kusadasi, you can render your most special moments memorable and transform beautiful Vista of  Kusadasi, the pearl of Aegean into a permanent memory.

How much does Renting a Boat and Yacht in Kusadasi cost?

We all dream of a retreat far from the stress and exhausting atmosphere of the business environment and indulge ourselves with a journey accompanied by the azure sea and soft wind of Aegean, at the Pearl of Aegean, Kuşadası.

The price to rent boat and yachts in Kusadasi may seem high, but you can benefit from rental and fishing services at a suitable price and with facile protocols. Yacht prices tend to vary between 750 and 1500 TL, according to the type of boat and yacht, services provided, menü and the duration you want to rent and extras. Within these suitable opportunities, it has never been easier to Rent a yacht or boat in Kusadasi. Come on now and live wonderful and memorable moments accompanied by unique view and bays of Kusadasi, with its delicious sea food and many other treats.

What does the tour include?

If you want to make your vacations lasting, taste cool serenity at azure sea of Aegean, crown your special days with memorable moments or hunt wide range of fishes, rental boats and yachts in Kusadasi is just for you! You can use transportation services from İzmir, Aydın and Soke and experience  azure sea of Aegean and many historical bays and places such as Dilek Peninsula, Grand Menderes Delta National Park. Thanks to rental boat and yacht in Kusadasi service, you can travel bays and seas to see, fish and participate in many parties and swimming activities. With the privilege of, you can make your special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, marriage proposals, iftar, graduation dinners and fasıl etc. permanent!

Are all expenses included in the price?

If you want to rent a boat or a yacht in Kusadasi to save unique memories and special days, the price you have to pay usually includes captain’s payment, fuel price and lunch menu price. All the services provided are price included but extras are voluntary. Do not hesitate to ask the advertiser about this subject.

Can i see the boat or yacht that i rented beforehand?

Sure! You can tour and experience the boat with an appointment and plan your special occasions.

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