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Storms in Turkey For Mariners

The time of the storms, the storm in which moon is what, the beginning and end of the storms in the sea for centuries, and even the world for millennia, are among the most curious topics of marines. The sea requires seriousness and knowing the storm is a very important discipline for those who win their lives from the sea. Here we will share with you the storms of the old sailors, from the commercial fishermen, from the commercial captains to the sailing enthusiasts, from the weather conditions observed in the ages by many people who have dedicated their lives and hearts to the seas, and to which almost everyone has a consensus - and only on the shores of our country.


2 Storm (3 Days) 5-10 Zemherir 17 Storm 18 Storm 23 Storm 25 Winter Violence 28 Ayondon Storm


1 Hamsin (3 Days) 4 Storm (3 Days) 5 Storm (3 Days) 11 Storm 20 Storm 23 Storm (3 Days)


1 Storm 11 Coward Storm ((Cold) 12 Hüsum Fırtınası 24 Koz Kavuran Storm 26 Newbie Storm 29 Storm


8 Swallow Storm 11 Storm (Stork) (3 days) 16 Swan Storm 21 Storm (3 days) 29 Storm


4 Flower Storm 7 Storm (East Winds) 13 Storm 17 Filiz Kıran Storm 20 Kokulya Fırtınası 21 Ulker Storm 30 Pumpkin Meltemi 31 Beginning of Bevarih winds


3 Storm (3 days) 9 Storm (2 days) 10 Ulker Storm 22 Solstice Thunderstorm 27/28 Red Plum 29 Leaf Storm


1 Leaf Storm 3 Sam Yelleri 11 Wheels of Revolution 16 Storm (2 days) 25 Storm (2 days) 30 Red Plum (Black Erik) Storm


14 Storm 17 Storm 20 Storm (2 days) The end of 23 Sam yellerin 31 Mircan Storm

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