Weddings, Engagement Parties, All Events and Organizations in Istanbul

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    33 m

You can choose us for weddings, engagements, circumcision weddings, birthdays, business meetings and organizations that you will hold in the historical beauty of the Bosphorus. We have hosted many organizations with our experienced and professional team.

If we talk briefly about our restaurant type boat;

Our boat is 33 meters long and 8 meters wide. We have indoor and outdoor areas.

We can serve 350 guests in container organizations and 300 guests in dinner organizations.

Although the rental period is 4 hours, it starts at 19:00 or 20:00.

Our catering service is carried out in accordance with the standards of our valued guests by working with the catering company. Before the organization, menu tasting can be done and changes can be made in the menus.
High quality sound system, lighting and stage services are provided in accordance with the organizations.

Contact us for weddings and many other organizations on the Bosphorus in Istanbul!

The price given is for the one-hour rental of the boat 

(Hourly, multi-day, long-term rental is possible)  

Breakfast, Lunch, Dining, Cocktail Menu or No-Meal options are available.

The price given is only for the 4-hour rental of the boat
The price does not include organization service and food & drinks. Special quotes are created according to the number of guests and the desired form of celebration. Please contact us for more details.

Decoration of the boat
It can be arranged with or without food, cocktail menu,
Boat Cruising
Amateur photo and video shooting

*Professional photography, video shooting and drone shooting are not included.

Starting from ₺17.000,00