Kas Kekova Daily Boat Tour

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Kekova boat tour from Kaş is the most popular of the boat tour programs. 

The daily shared Kekova tour attracts a lot of attention not only from our domestic guests but also from abroad. The reason why our tour attracted so much attention is that the sunken city on Kekova Island and the beautiful coves and villages around Kekova have a wonderful route.

"Kekova" is undoubtedly one of the first places that comes to mind when it comes to Turkey's paradise, Kaş. Kekova is the biggest island in the Mediterranean, which is within the borders of our country. There is no settlement in Kekova, which is a rocky island that runs parallel to the coast. It is covered with trees and bushes.

Although Kekova is the name of the island, Kekova is also used to describe the geography of Kaleköy, Üçağız, Kekova Island, the gulf and mainland coasts between Demre and Kaş. Kekova Island and its surrounding coasts have been under protection since 1990.

What makes this region different is the archaeological remains underwater. It was an important settlement for the Lycian civilization that lived in the region in ancient times. In our Kekova boat tours, we offer you the opportunity to explore this special region. Kekova boat tour, in which we visit beautiful bays, is an activity that you will never get bored of.

Information about the Kekova boat tour and answers to all your questions are here. How many hours does the boat tour take? Where is it moving from? Where are the breaks? What should you take with you?

Our Kekova boat tour starts at 09:30 in the morning from Kaş port. 

After departing from the port, firstly Ufak Dere Bay, Eleksi Bay located on an island off Kaş, Aquarium Bay where you will fall in love with its crystal waters, Kekova Island Sunken City from the Lycian period, Turkey's most extraordinary village Kaleköy and finally, stop by İnönü Bay and arrive at Kaş harbor at 18.00. we're going back. 

We give long swimming breaks at every stop except Kekova Island.

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The most beautiful bays in the area, depending on the weather conditions
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