Kuşadası Diving Tours and Training


You will realize how enjoyable it is, spending your every minute underwater with diving! 

Our trainings on land given by our instructors for amateur divers nearly take 60 minutes. Our divings are accompanied by our professional instructors and take 30 to 35 minutes. 

If you wish, you can take your diving photos and videos under water with professional cameras. 

It will be a great experience for you to discover the Airbus A300 cargo plane that sank in Kusadasi! The 4 meters long, 44 meters wingspan and 47 tons of aircraft Airbus A300 cargo plane has become an important reef spot for fish. 

It is also possible to see beautiful fish while exploring the plane.


We can also organize your events such as birthday celebrations and marriage proposals underwater. You can make these special moments unforgettable with our trainers. 

For amateur diving courses,if you have completed the age of 14 you can dive with us until the age of 18, provided that you get written approval from your family! 

If you have any chronic illness, please share your discomfort with our diving instructors before diving. Your health is very important to us. The courses given by our diving school are as follows;

TSSF-CMAS Diving Courses

One Star Diver

Two Star Diver 

One Star Diving Instructor

Two Star Diving Instructor

PADI Diving Courses

EFR First Aid Courses

TSSF-ILS Lifeguard Courses.


Please contact us for more information about our diving courses and prices in Kusadasi.


Wetsuit and Tank
Theoretical Training (lasts between 30 minutes and 1 hour)
Diving (takes about 20-30 min up to 5 metres)

  • For introductory dive only
    Underwater photography and video shooting are not included.
Starting from ₺400,00