Kekova Boat Rentals

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Our boat, located in Antalya Kekova, has a capacity of 40 people. Infants and children are also included, regardless of age.


Our daily excursion/swimming tours are planned as departure from the port at 10:00 in the morning and arrival at the port at 17:00 in the evening.


Depending on the weather conditions in Kekova, swimming breaks are given. Among the coves that can be visited;

Kale Village Simena Ancient City,

Sunken City, formerly Dolichista

Shipyard Bay; Shipbuilding and repair shipyard in Lycian times,

Aquarium Cove,

Big Wife Cove,

Değirmenlik Bay; A small canyon located in the west of Üçağız Bay,

Feneraltı Cove,

Beard Keeper Bay; It is a cove across the island of Kekova.


Our recommendation for our Kekova boat tour: We do not forget to bring your sunscreen, sunglasses and hat when you come on the tour! Also, make sure that your phone and camera are charged, the images from the wonderful places you will see on our route will remain as memories.


You can choose us for swimming, sunbathing and resting all day long.


You can rent our boat privately and on a shared basis.


If you want to rent privately for you, you can get a price with or without food, if you want to join our shared tours, you can get a price with a meal.


Contact us for more Kekova boat tours and Antalya boat tours!

Crew services
The most beautiful bays in the area, depending on the weather conditions
Food and Beverages are not included in every trip. Please ask for details.

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