Boat Tour in Dikili Bademli

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Our Tirhandil model boat is a 1968 original Cretan construction and has five propellers. These boats have been used in the seas for centuries and are famous for their durability. The boat is 12 meters in length and 4 meters in width. There is a twin cabin at the bow, armchairs on the port side, a soft drink and guest locker on the starboard side, a stove and a kitchen at the rear and a sink and a bathroom just across from here. At the rear, there is the rudder, the dining table, and the seats. In this part, there is a canopy and a lava stone barbecue. There are cushions and bean bags for sunbathing and sitting on the front upper deck of the boat. Our boat is cleaned in detail with disinfectants after each tour.


We start our tour by welcoming our guests in Bademli around 10:00. Since we are in the pandemic process, the HES code is mandatory. If you have brought food or drink with you, we place it in the refrigerator. There is no sale of alcoholic beverages on our boat, but you can bring them with you. It is forbidden to bring non-alcoholic beverages. You can buy them from our boat. Tea and coffee are free throughout the tour. Since we do not have a catering service, you can prepare your meals using the kitchen.


After departing from the port, we start to tour the suitable bays depending on the sea and weather conditions. We are preparing the barbecue for our guests who want to have a barbecue. We use disposable forks, spoons, and plates for everyone's health and safety. We ask you to pay attention to the layout and cleanliness of the kitchen.


After visiting the breathtaking bays of Dikili and Bademli, we return to Bademli towards sunset.


Some of the bays we visited during the tour:


Ilica Bay, Zindancik Bay, Hanimin Bay, Aquarium Bay, Hayitli Bay

Crew services
The most beautiful bays in the area, depending on the weather conditions
Food and Beverages are not included in every trip. Please ask for details.

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