Bareboat Charter

You can rent a bareboat for a dream yacht holiday where you can experience freedom. With its islands and islets, 4,400 miles of coastline, shallow coves, mountainous landscapes, steep cliffs, ancient ruins, lush nature and mild climate, Turkey is magnificent for those who love the sea and maritime. You can be sure of; Sailing in Turkey will take you to the experiences of many different civilizations.

Imagine that you have a very special area on the sea… You can enjoy the freedom by making instant route changes with the boat charter without a captain. A charter without a captain, also known as a bareboat, means renting a boat without a crew at certain date intervals. 


The best part of this system is that it offers you the opportunity to cruise on the sea as you wish and wherever you want; It is up to you to decide everything from the music you will listen to, the food and drinks you will consume, and the bays you will anchor in. In short, if you have a passion for independence, this trip may be among your most enjoyable and luxurious vacation memories! So, what do you need for a boat charter without a captain? We have listed below…

Not everyone can benefit from the boat rental service without a captain. You must meet certain conditions to be able to sail at sea without a captain with you. Even before chartering a yacht, companies or captains will want to see the relevant certificate in order to learn about your experience.

However, it is also important that the dimensions and some features of the boat you will rent are similar/equivalent to the boats you have used before. You must have one of the relevant licenses such as an Amateur Marine License (ADB), RYA Day or Coastal Skipper License, or its international equivalent, ICC.


Please note, these terms have been determined to ensure your safety.

Generally, fuel, food, marina or pier fees will be yours when you get a boat rental service without a captain. All boats must be insured by the company or their owners. You have to pay the rental + deposit fee against possible accidents and damages. However, if you deliver the boat without any problems, you have the right to get back the down payment you have given.

• You can turn your most special moments into a fun organization and celebrate freely on the sea by getting a captainless boat rental service.

• If you rent a bareboat, you can easily enter even the shallowest bays and anchor wherever you want.

• Since you will be completely at the helm, the route will also be determined by you. You can learn the cultural characteristics of each region where you will rest and go on an exciting exploration.

• Every equipment you need such as communication tools, security measures and navigation devices is provided to you.

Yacht tourism destinations such as Gocek, Bodrum, Istanbul, Bozburun, Marmaris and Fethiye are among the favorite destinations of domestic and foreign tourists within the scope of sailing charter without a captain.

Turkey has great sailing routes such as cruise points in Greece, Croatia and Italy.


In order to charter a boat without a captain in Turkey, you may encounter a number of cruise areas, especially by sailing in the Gulf of Fethiye. Here is another bay called Skopea Harbour, one of the largest in the country! In addition, if you wish, you can do different land activities such as coastal and mountain walks on forested paths in this region.

As you can imagine, not every boat can be chartered bareboat. For example, tour boats such as gulets, which are suitable for high-capacity guests, cannot be rented without a captain and crew. However, you can rent sailing and sailing catamaran type boats designed for personal use without a captain. These boats, which can accommodate a maximum of 10 people, are usually chartered by nuclear families and small groups of friends bareboat. (provided that there is a captain's certificate)

These two boat types are similar in function but have some structural and design differences. For example, basic details; There may be differences such as the availability of sun loungers, lounge area, armchairs, width, sails and stairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

The country is a great destination for a sailing holiday with its climatic conditions and geographical structure. While cruising in Turkey with a sailboat without a captain, the breeze usually accompanies you. However, the average wind speed in summer is between 2 and 4.
There is no specific fee to charter a bareboat. However, we can say that it is more affordable than other options. While calculating the prices of the sailboat charter without a captain, the brand, the number of days to be chartered and the season in which it will be chartered are taken into consideration.
Hygiene of the boats is our priority for all our guests. However, bringing pets to the chartered boats is generally subject to the approval of the captain. However, it is generally allowed - subject to cleaning rules.
You can rent a bareboat for a minimum of 24 hours.
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